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Internation Fundraising Spidergram (Group 5) 1.      Since…

Internation Fundraising Spidergram (Group 5)

1.      Since Community Cultivation is all about increasing Communities’ network we decided that it is an integral part of our Spidergram

2.      Individual participation reflects the importance of the individual work, but the Community Project is more about team work, that’s why we decided its not so essential to our situation.

3.      Content refers to the community’s external communication which is essential for the achievement of our goals.

4.      In order to keep track of the group’s progress, we need to exchange the information that everyone has collected. Furthermore, we could also organise it and proceed with the project every time we meet

5.      Projects, being the everyday tasks that we have to complete, are of paramount importance to our project community’s success.

6.      Access to expertise will provide us with the opportunity of advancing in the areas we are meant to research

7.      Given the fact that we are all in a same programme, having a good relationship with the group is essential for keeping track of what everyone is doing.

8.      Context as our choice of using and trading specific information.


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One comment on “Internation Fundraising Spidergram (Group 5) 1.      Since…
  1. Nancy White says:

    Great explanation team 5. I want to start with one question. Is this a spidergram about your team work, or about your NGO’s challenge? And if so, which NGO? Your explanations seem to be about your team and its work (and well done explanations!). Lets clear up this question here in the comments (I’ve subscribed to get email alerts) then I’ll have a few more questions, I’m sure! THANKS!

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