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Hey, how are you?

My name is Ibrahim Muljosantoso from group 5 IDE program. You can just call me Ibi.

Our course has already started since a week ago and honestly, the kick off was a bit shocking for me. As an Indonesian, I never experienced a kind of program like this back in my country. It was a hell of a fun. Everybody is friendly, the Tutors are kind and inspiring, the programs are unlike any other and the University is perfectly designed.

A week has passed and I gradually started to understand in which direction our class is trying to lead us to. The goal is simply to make us fully aware of the world that we are living in. To make us think globally and creatively or we can say “outside of the box” or “limitless”. Moreover, it is almost extremely easy to know what happens in the entire world in this era since we are living in the digital age. And what our class is trying to do is, I think, to teach us to make a 100% use of these devices to learn from the outside world, not just in the classroom. Because eventually these ideas will play an important role and give a great impact on the course that we have taken. However, we can only achieve that if we want to learn, or we are motivated enough to learn. That’s why our tutors keep giving us information and inspiration in every single class we have, and I believe that they will and they’ve succeeded in doing that.

As we explore the online communities I really hope that in the end of the semester we’re gonna be able to make use of our devices to communicate to the outside world. No matter how far it is no matter how small the community is, the ideas of great innovation will always exist. Who knows that someone in the corner of the earth has a great idea that could possibly change the course of the world? No one. But if we continue to expand our networks anywhere anytime, I believe at a point of time great people with great ideas will meet directly or even virtually to bring new innovation to the world.

About the project we’re working on right now, I’m expecting that we come up with a great strategy, a one of a kind idea that could probably be the best solution of the problem faced by the NGO. and if we can achieve that I hope that our team will always produce and create innovative ideas to tackle every problem that we’re gonna face. I also want it to look real, well-structured, and clear so everyone including myself knows that finally we have arrived at a point where we actually able to solve a world problem, and that’s amazing.

To achieve that, i will try to contribute my skills which is photography and design to beautify out project and make it look desirable and conclusive.

Have a great day,

Ibrahim Muljosantoso

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12 comments on “OUR COURSE KICK-OFF
  1. Meggie says:

    Hey Ibi, as as fas I see you have the record number of comments here. And you said you hadn’t done anything like this before so I guess you’re a natural. Well done andI am looking forward to seeing more, both in words and in pictures.

  2. Aaah, how I’ve missed stalking people’s blog..

  3. So, I’m having a small problem with understanding where you want this project to go. The first part of your post is clear but then I get lost.

    Before I go further, I got here via twitter. I have a blog where I talk about beer, food and food issues. I follow Nancy White and can’t honestly remember how I got to her. Could be through by links to an online university or following some scientists.

    In terms of world problems, sometimes it is the local and real problems that are easily solved and become solutions that can be scaled to a universal scale. Micropayments, Makerspaces, urban gardens and city seed banks are some of these ideas that have been helped by online communities. Anyways, following the advice of Nancy White, I have posted something to attempt at connecting from the ‘outside’ world to the academic towers.

    • Nancy White says:

      I love the random connections that lead us to unexpected places. I am really interested to see hour our blogger replies! (AND THANKS for stopping by…)

    • ibims says:

      Thanks for the feedback @itslunchtimeca and sorry for my bad english and the unstructured essay. for the twitter part, who’s twitter is that anyway?

      have a great day

      • I’m from the outside. My real name isn’t important. I’m not sure what you would be able to glean from my name or a google search on me.

        I find this to be an interesting experiment in seeing what happens to a normally closed system (academic course) when you open it up to the wider society and community. My area of study was a directed study that I called Technology, Society and Mass Communications.

        My favourite courses were always the ones where we had contact with the wider community. I wonder how it will affect your project.

        In some ways, when you open yourself up, you have to take what you get. It was always so easy solving problems in the absence of real world considerations such as politics, people and resources.

        Hopefully, that will give you an answer to who I am. As the saying goes, everyone on the internet is a dog.

      • Nancy White says:

        Hint to Ibi and others. Our networks on Twitter are often much broader and diverse than we know. We may not know the people who follow us (I can’t as a lot follow me and my brain can’t hold all that information!) Yet the way a question or idea travels across those connected networks is very powerful. So @itslunchtimeca is an example of that resource of networks. THis is a fundamental idea in the course and now you see it in action (which I think is pretty darn cool). The question is, how do you use these connection in helping your NGO?

        • ibims says:

          I never expected this would happen actually hahaha this is also the first time I encounter a course using such media and make use of it. So I am literally shocked and I hope I’ll get used to this kind of conversation soon. Anyway thanks for the tips @itslunchtimeca and thanks for the feedback Nancy.


  4. Nancy White says:

    Ah, Ibi, this reflection really resonated for me because of your desire to connect to the outside world. There is so much richness (and beauty) in the world that we often ignore or can’t figure out how to tap into it. I hope together this semester we get some of that figured out. And I look forward to seeing some of your photographs. You may enjoy the blog of a friend of mine, Amy Lenzo, who passionately believes in the role of beauty in the world. The URL is She is also a photographer!

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