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To begin with, I expect form project communities’ course to be all about the technology and how to use it purposely. Nowadays, technologies became integral part of our lives and we got used to using them daily. However, there are variety of different purposes one could use technologies. I believe, we are going to learn how to use them as a marketing and business communication tool.

Furthermore, knowing how to properly use today’s inventions could be really valuable lesson for everyone following IDE. We will be able to achieve easy communication will potential business partners, potential customers and other targeted groups. We could rapidly increase our network and develop our projects and brands.

I suppose, during project communities’ course, we are going to practice our team working skills as well. It may sound simple, but working in team could be pretty challenging job. Distributing appropriate roles to group members, achieving reasonable communication, motivating and following time schedule are all skills that have to be practiced and acquire with the time. I am looking forward to the next project and working with you guys.


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