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Let’s see what we have here.

Today was the first official day in THU. We had an introduction of Project Community class: we got our first assignment which is going to be a big project,working with a real organization, trying to find a solution of the certain problem.

To start with, I think the main goal of this class is to show us how internet technologies and interactive communication within our team can help us to work with companies etc.It will be a great experience for me,because I have never worked with such programs like Google+ or Also, I am very happy that we are always focused on real life,trying to do more practical things instead of reading thousands of  books with theory and formulas etc.Honestly, it is the main reason I am here,studying IDE,because only practice,only working on certain things may teach you something.



Personally, I’d like to have a clear vision of programs and net technologies which can help me/us to work and communicate with clients (for example  NGO) and I think it will be useful for me as an open innovator.Technologies are developing and the point is that the one who doesn’t want to catch this technologies might not ever be successful.
This sounds sad,but its true. You should always be aware what’s going on in  and  always ask yourself a question - how can I do something faster,better than the other one?


For me, the best outcome of our team would be a plan,explaining how can our client can solve the problem . I hope that our work will be helpful for our NGO and I can swear I’ll do my best to bring a valuable contribution to our team. =)

I have always thought that you can’t honestly say what your good qualities are.I think only people,working with you in a team, have sense what you are good at.But after the first Personal Branding class,I realized that understanding who you are and how you  can help your team to come over  difficulties is a VERY IMPORTANT part of teamwork.
So,hardworking ,  concentrating on the main issues,clearly understanding what we have and what we should do are my good qualities which may help us.I can also analyze information and making summaries,linking important information and main points.I think i will have a role of searching and working with information . =)

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3 comments on “Let’s see what we have here.
  1. Nancy White says:

    You can always paste the url of the revised post here in a comment, or you can send it to me or alan and we can edit it into your post here. Make sure you give the URL of both the tumblr post and this post, as there are now LOTS of blog posts and it can be hard to find one! 😉

  2. Meggie says:

    You’ve started well and answered all the blog prompts. Next step is to get into reflective mode. And remember to check out the grading criteria for the next blog post. I am wondering what type of role you see for yourself in the team and I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

    • Yura says:

      Well, I made some corrections and i edited my post in the tumblr,trying to be more reflective , but I don’t know how to make a new edited version of my post appear on the project community website .

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