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Well, herro, Tumblr.

Well… herro people of the good life,


So hi,

I am forced to write a weekly blog for one of my course…

Ok, I cannot do this, you guys totally put me out of my comfort zone… Mean , mean -but lovely- people… QQ

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Strawberry Egg
4 comments on “Well, herro, Tumblr.
  1. And now I’m curious as to how you got the name “Strawberry Egg”?
    Was that inspired by a place or time?
    Greetings Mr or Miss Strawberry Egg!
    Laura… ya know… one of those mean mean -but lovely people 🙂

    • Warisra says:

      Hi Laura,

      Well… Once upon a time, I was joyfully hopping through IKEA and found myself amongst the cuddle toys. Looking around I found this adorable cuddle, which has an upside down strawberry as its body, making it “egg-like”. So I bought it and decided to give it a name, Strawberry Egg.

      Hm.. does not really sound that awesome anymore now that you know where it came from haha… ^_^;


  2. Nancy White says:

    Strawberry egg? Well, you have given me a challenge as well, to try and figure out who you are! 😉

    Now, as to this bit… “Ok, I cannot do this, you guys totally put me out of my comfort zone… Mean , mean -but lovely- people… QQ”

    Let’s look at this. Can you tell me why this puts you out of your comfort zone? (See, I’m using the Five Whys!)



    • Warisra says:

      Ah, so you have to put in your real name in your title? I just thought you had to be a bit creative with the name. Personally I do not really think my name is suited for the tittle: “Warisra Ratchatasavee”, is a tad too long and not really attractive, in my opinion. 🙂

      For the why question: Okay, maybe I was exaggerating -a little-. I have never really written a blog. So this is just something new for me. I guess I just have to give it a try and we will see what will come out of it ^^

      – Strawberry Egg Õ_Õ

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