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What did I learn?

For me the most important thing about using online communities in design is that everybody has got the chance to share his ideas and to find supporters, which means better chances even for startups. Though I knew this before so you can´t really talk about learning at this point … Now to my “design principles”. I don´t really know what to write here. Did I design and foster online communities or networks? I don´t think so. In my eyes that would go much too far. We have an idea of a solution we came up in this course but that doesn´t make me to a network designer. Furthermore I never heard anything from an expert about the designing progress. Furthermore I got no real insights.That´s why I don´t understand why I should act like I made principles for myself. At the moment I´m just a bungler who studys IDE to maybe become a designer in the future.

But I think that simplicity is one of the main points. When the end result would get to complex it could maybe terrify the users so they wouldn´t even become real users. Also my personal taste is very orientated to simplicity. Less is more.


The Farnsworth House

To next year´s students: If you are getting confused just cool down. That won´t change. Also you should try to create a good group atmosphere. For me the personal conversations were much more interesting. I know that´s not what I´m supposed to write but I´m just trying to be honest. All the new people I met and the experience I got by working with them is something I will take from this program.

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2 comments on “What did I learn?
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hiya Philipp

    Sorry for this very late comment – I’m finally working my way through everyone’s final post. I’m about half way through and yours is very different from the rest of them, both from the sense I get that you didn’t feel you learned much and that you haven’t designed.

    Can you give me your definition of what YOU mean by design? Then I think there might be an interesting conversation here — if you are willing to engage!

    Thanks again for being part of project community.


  2. Willem says:

    I share your view about the designing processt. We did not design a lot of things, only some minor icons for the video. When we started the project I thought we needed to design more.

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