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Meeting the unmet needs

Im certain that crowdsourcing will be the most use to meet the needs of our NGO. 

Reason for this being that the more people can come up with more ideas, find more information and share the resources. Our NGO has all the professionals and other members to shape a very informative platform. Every single person has a lot of knowledge and once they all understand why its beneficial to share their knowledge over Drupal then it will expand and expand to a point where the people will constantly update and improve on the information available. That way when one person needs to have the newest information regarding a certain topic then he wont have to call some co-worker and ask him to send it to him because the information will all ready be available on drupal. 

If a Forum part can be added to drupal then there is chance that the people from different areas can easily help each other. Something that might have been cumbersome before can become an easy process as they are all communicating over the same platform. You can help here and there and dont actually have to write emails or make calls. You can post a question and get replies from some people you would never have guessed knew the answer. 

Crowdsourcing will also prove to be a time saving process. Why start searching on countless websites for something that the guy next to you might all ready know and have faster access too.

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2 comments on “Meeting the unmet needs
  1. Willem says:

    I agree Julian. I also told about this concept in my blog but you explained it better. :p

  2. Maria says:

    I love the idea of saving time – we can put it in motivation part.

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