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Can you see the end?

Although crowdsourcing and crowdfunding may help Solidaridad in some aspects, it doesn’t help us to solve the problem of how to introduce Drupal to all the employees of Solidaridad.
Just to give you a little context, Drupal is a tool that Solidaridad wants to use to help the communication between their several offices. Drupal can be explained as a type of social media, that can be internal or external.

So, for solving the problem, we decide that the most important themes to use would be Teamwork, that includes the concept of “I, We and Network”, and Marketing. Both of these concepts we saw in the 4 hats that Nancy presented to us and we went deeper in these subjects during some classes. In the class of this week, for example, we learn more about Marketing and we understood better how to use it in our advantage.

Before I present the solutions that Group 4 thought that would be efficient, I will say why I think Drupal will help Solidaridad and I will list the problems that Solidaridad might face to introduce the Drupal platform: 

  • Why Drupal can help: Drupal would help by gathering all the information of Solidaridad in just one place, making easier for people search for some document, or how another office solved a problem that your office is having now. And, since it’s an online tool, I could open it anytime I want to search for something or send a message for someone of another office.
  • Problems they may face to introduce Drupal:
    1. People can resist to the use of a new tool, since they might be accustomed to using email;
    2. Solidaridad have offices in a lot of different countries, so it’s a little difficult to arrange meetings with frequency and conferences calls sometimes may not be enough;
    3. With the offices in different countries the working hours of each is different, so they can’t introduce Drupal at the same time to all;
    4. In each country they have its own culture. Therefore, one strategy can work for one offices and the same strategy can fail in another;
    5. Usually the people are in the field working and they don’t have the computer with them all the time;
    6. The employees are also busy, so they may not want to spend time learning how to use Drupal;
    7. And Solidaridad don’t want to spend a lot of money with IT technology, that’s why they chosen Drupal.

Now the big question: How to solve all of these problems with Teamwork and Marketing?


First the Teamwork, Maarten told us a little a about the Ambassadors of each place and we had the idea of work with them to help people see the importance of Drupal. Instead going direct to people and say that they HAVE to use Drupal, we would show to the Ambassadors how Drupal will improve Solidaridad’s work and then they could transmit that to their employees in their own way. And here we see the idea of “I, We and Network”, where the Network is Solidaridad, the We is each office of Solidaridad, and I is the employees in this offices.
This solution would solve the problem 4, of different cultures, since each Ambassador will introduce Drupal according to his/her culture, the problem 2, of distance, they wouldn’t have to try to do conferences meeting with each office to explain Drupal and problem 3, of difference with the hours.

Regarding the Marketing, we’ll use Internal Marketing as one of the solution for the NGO. How we would use it? Our idea is to put Drupal as the start page of the browser. Therewith, every time an employee opens the internet they will see the page of Drupal and with time they will get used to it. And in this start page will have some “details” to help people to understand better Drupal, such as an introduction video, an interactive guide, a forum for question and some icons in the corner that you can click to obtain more information about some aspect of Drupal. This would help people to get familiar with this tool, solving problem 1 and solving the problems 5 and 6, because people would have a good and quick way of learning how to use Drupal, without losing a lot of time.


And these solutions wouldn’t cost much to Solidaridad, so the problem 7 is not a problem anymore.
But, for us to present this in a good and understandable way, everyone in Group 4 need work equally and hard! I don’t think that have ONE important thing for the success of the project, but SIX important ones: Maria, Willem, Julien, Philipp, Katinka and Julia!

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2 comments on “Can you see the end?
  1. Jul says:

    this is one well structured and thought through post. I could learn a thing or two here 😀

    • @Julien What is it you learned here – and will these learnings be reflected in your next blogpost? 😀

      I like how you, Julia see the value of your teammembers for success. Asking each other questions will lead to a better understanding of what it is you want to put accross.

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