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The end is near

I think that crowdsourcing and user support are the most important things for us. With Drupal all the workers of Solidaridad have the chance to get in contact with others fastly and it is also easy to share knowledge. With that sharing and helping you also use the idea of self-improvement likewise it is used in third world countries. That´s why Drupal has the chance to become a crowdsourcing platform itself and grow from day to day. In my eyes a good intranet is fundamental for an oversea organisation. Everybody benefits from that.

That is also the first point why the people of Solidaridad should use Drupal because it would become more and more important and helpful. But we concentrated on how we can “force” the people tu use Drupal even more. That is why I mentioned user support at the beginning.

Willem had a good idea last Monday how we can involve the helpers of Solidaridad also into the interface, which I think is very good because with that possibility the people would feel really integrated. Besides that we focused on the frontpage of Drupal to make it as userfriendly as possibile and to set Drupal like some kind of start up at every computer. After that everybody would have to log in to Drupal at first and check all the news.

"You have to push some people towards their luck." - German saying

Finally we want to make sure that there would be a Drupal expert in every area to help people individually because we still have the problems of different cultures and time zones.

With all those aspects (pros) I think we would have a good chance to implement Drupal successfully.

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One comment on “The end is near
  1. Mario Mirzahanyan says:

    Hi Phillip
    I really like you blog and enjoyed reading it. but i disagree with the german saying.
    l think luck is just an individual opportunity.
    But i totally agree with your arguments about Drupal.
    Good Luck 😛

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