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Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing

Both options have a very high potential. Crowdsourcing is giving people the chance to get in contact with a huge bunch of others and their ideas and solutions or even get feedback from end users. You can exchange information or simply search for help. Hence you have the chance to get help by professionals. Another positive effect is that you can save money by using this option because you don´t have to hire those professionals on your own and can select between all the giving help. Therefore it would have been a good thing to use by Solidaridad to see how other handled problems with implementing an intranet.

"Four eyes see more than two" - German adage

Crowdfunding on the other hand gives startup companies the possibility to find finacial aid from others for their ideas and projects. The advantage of that is obvious.

But I can also understand why many designers want to do it on their own. If you came up with good ideas and or want to design individual products you don´t want others to put hands on your work. I would also like to do something on my own because then it´s a very personal thing for the designer and I think everybody can be proud of himself if he created something on his own. (For example like the history of Adidas.) At this point you can maybe also see weaknesses of crowdsourcing because the more people you have the more different agenda you get into your work. And when everybody wants a right to say in matter you get alot of trouble. But I would say the main aspect is that you can work freely and really work with your own ideas. So I normally also prefer to be the “lone wolf”.

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4 comments on “Crowdfunding & Crowdsourcing
  1. Willem says:

    So you rather want to create something alone. I can understand because you are the one who calls the shots. But where do you see yourself work in the future? For yourself (business) or for a company?

    • Philipp says:

      Why do you think that I´m the one who calls the shots? For the future I would like to see myself in an own business but I would also like to work in a team for a time.

      • Willem says:

        I ment when you work alone. Then you call the shots. You don’t have to listen to anyone else. :p

  2. katinka says:

    I love wolves.
    Wolves are my favorite animals 🙂
    but did you knew that they are group-living and haunting animals ?
    Thats because they know, that they can achieve more in a pride than alone I guess..

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