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The last two weeks I found very interesting. Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding had always appealed to…

The last two weeks I found very interesting. Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding had always appealed to me and in my opinion crowdsourcing is probably the best way of getting information. Crowdfunding is excellent in itself and their are a lot of products out there that were only able to exist due to crowdfunding. I regularly look at the projects on kickstarter and some are absolute genius. Great products that I can only hope will make it into the stores. Crowdfunding gives people with great ideas the opportunity to make their product. Products that wouldn’t be created by large companies because they might not speak to the mass market of millions and result in billions worth of profits. These small companies often only target thousands or tens of thousands consumers and its a combined effort to make this product come alive. If I had the funds myself then I would help lots of these projects especially the ones that make your life easier. The real innovative and life changing products are now designed and created by a small group of people and funded by a large group.

I understand why some designers might not want to seek assistance from others as they want it to be their own product, their own achievement and their own thing to be proud of. 

When it comes to crowdsourcing in design I think it can be beneficial for many things. Design is what makes the product appealing to the consumer. If it looks horrible then the functionality of it must be unbelievable for it sell as good as if it looks great and the function is good. What would you rather buy, a super fast car very expensive car that is ugly or a fast very expensive car that is beautiful? The majority will choose the better looking car. 

When you target crowdsourcing for your design then you get ideas from thousand of people and you can ultimately choose the best parts and combine them. This makes the product appealing to more people. However to be able to ask the public for their design inputs or feedback you need to reveal pretty much everything about your idea. This gives larger companies with funding of their own the possibility to copy your product and release it to the market a lot earlier then you can. Its a risk you need to be able to take but its certainly a large disadvantage for crowdsourcing in design. 

When it comes to crowdfunding for our project with the NGO I honestly do not know why someone would help us fund the project. The incentive for people to help fund a project is that they will get the product first, cheaper and receive other things aswell. But how would the individual benefit from helping fund our project. Thats something I am struggling with. 

I certainly see the benefit of crowdsourcing for our project. 

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