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do u believe in murmuration?

When you go to a handmade market and see a nice but easy to make thing, there is always someone who would say: why do you buy it, why don’t you do that yourself it’s easy

Using either crowdsourcing or crowdfunding you place your ideas into the same “market” context, revealing them to the whole world. Obviously, there is always some risk that other people would use your idea to earn their money.

But there is a surprising fact (supported by MIT studies on motivation) to consider: the more money people are offered for mental challenge the poorer the performance is (check that in a great video visualizing Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA). So it’s not money that drives and motivates us. What does motivate us is our purpose. We want to make a difference in this world and we want to make it a better place to live. 

Its not a secret, that each of us has different sets of gifts and passions. We can do some things better then others, as well as we’d prefer to do ones to others. So why not to do some wonderful stuff ourselves, supporting others to do their wonderful stuff, if their ideas resonate with our values. Crowdsourcing and croudfunding provide exact tools to make it possible. If an idea is worth spreading, if there is a need for it in the world, it would be supported by people, giving money to implement it into life. 

"People don’t buy WHAT you do, the buy WHY you do it”
Simon Sinek “How great leaders inspire action”.

Why wouldn’t they steal it? Because they would trust that you can do it in the best way possible while they would do something else just as wonderful :). It already worked for FairPhone, a nice Russian book GreenDriver and many others. It sounds like an ideal economic model, based on collaboration, transparency, sharing and empowerment - amazing murmuration, described by Don Tapscott


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One comment on “do u believe in murmuration?
  1. Nancy White says:

    Wow, I appreciate that you are bringing in some original ideas. You are digging beneath the mechanics of crowdsourcing/funding to look at the motivations. Do you think we are already seeing how this sort of “buying for why” is taking ahold in markets? How might this influence what an NGO does?

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