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When we started mondays session we watched a by Chris Corrigan who talked about the size of groups…

When we started mondays session we watched a by Chris Corrigan who talked about the size of groups influencing creativity and efficiency. The way he explained it was a first for me and I never thought about it in that way. After watching the video I reflected on group work I did in the past and found out that it really was true. When it was a big group project it took a very long time to get to a result and the result wasnt exactly staggering. When I worked in smaller groups we were all much more enthusiastic, everyone just threw in their ideas, getting to work until the final outcome was much faster and the result more thought out. 

I hope I will see this in our group that we have split into two groups of 3 aswell. 

What I find great about our group is that we all like and respect each other. We dont have any disputes and its fun working together. I think we all feel comfortable with the other group members and that really helps to have an efficient working environment. Its absolutely great that we are all form different cultures and grew up in different surroundings as the insight each of us can bring into discussions are much broader. We have more to choose from to come to the best in the end.

The smaller google hangout we had felt more productive then the one in recent weeks. As we are understanding the job at hand more and more we were able to ask specific questions and have then answered. It was very helpful that Maarten joined us as he answered important questions we had.

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