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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” Henry Ford


As I noted in my first week’s blog post, by the time I’ve started Project communities course I already had 2 years experience of working with around 10 people for a start up company. Right before I got here I’ve analyzed my experience and thought I’d love to start all over again. And one of my main insights was: how come we didn’t become a team so far.

To my surprise the whole introduction week was about team work and I thought THIS TIME it’s gonna be nice and smooth. And it didn’t work again ;).

Last week was rather chaotic and made me feel upset. The question was: why again? I didn’t really know what to do, was not sure if I should talk to other team members, will they understand what I mean, do I feel right myself. But finally decided to give it a try. At first, I talked to people from other teams and found out that our problems were not unique. So I asked my team what their thoughts were and realized they were similar to mine: we all felt kind of stuck. That encouraged me to look deeper into the problem. My final assumption was: we lost motivation because we couldn’t see the connection between our weekly assignments and our final project. In our spidergram some weeks before we evaluated “Project” as the most important part of our teamwork and it seemed that we didn’t move a step towards it. But after we dived deeper into it we found the connections we were missing and the dynamics of our group work started to change.

This Monday was a very productive one and we came up with a nice plan as well as got some significant insights. Here are my personal favorites:

1. it’s a good idea to divide a team into smaller ‘project groups’ of 2-3-4 so that everyone can stay focuced on the task 
2. Uneven number adds creativity while even helps to come up with final descisions
3. Aligning information keeps everyone in the same context
4. Visualizing it helps aligning a lot
5. Taking responsibility and understanding of interdependences makes all the things look different

And the most important one:           

"It takes some work to make it work" (Jason Mraz “Life is wonderful” my favorite song for this autumn) or never underestimate organizational part of the process :).

Have a nice eve!

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2 comments on ““Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” Henry Ford
  1. Willem says:

    Yeah now we are more organized we can set a goal. It is more motivating and clear. I like the quote of Henry by the way.

  2. Philipp says:

    Feels good for me that you also think that we progressed on Monday. Especially for me the schedule and dividing our team is very helpful because sometimes I´m not that organized and then it´s easier to keep in track.

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