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Week 5: Working in groups

Good: I would say our biggest benefit is that we all get along well with each other. If your connected and everybody has got an equal position it´s nice to work with each other and everybody feels free to say what he really thinks. Also we always have fun and I think that´s good for a relaxed group atmosphere. However we are still focused and after I talked to people out of the other groups I would say that we´re doing well.

Challenging: In my eyes there aren´t any challenges that belong to our group itself. But we had our problems with the tasks in class and were a little bit confused sometimes. [Though we made a progress in connecting the different aspects of our work with each other and everything is getting clearer for us.] -> another good thing!

Likewise this weeks topic helped us a lot to take another step on this way. We made a schedule for our upcoming work and divided the different tasks that we see for us. It´s good if you always have in mind what to do and it´s also some kind of motivation. Moreover it was a good experience to divide the group in smaller groups to work more individually and to compare the results with each other. Maybe that´s the way how everybody is able to get his ideas in our conversations even more. That was what we also tried to implement in our schedule. Those factors will also be the things that we will change in the next time to be even more efficient because we really want to start with our video now to have enough time to deliver a good outcome to Maarten.

Therefore I don´t really understand why we focused on group work that late. In my eyes it would have much more helpfull to start with that so we would have been able to use it as a good fundament. In addition it was the biggest benefit to work on that for our group itself.

In Addition: After I thought about the point in time again I had the idea that it was maybe about self reflection. We are now able to reflect our work of the last weeks and to see a progress or a change for ourselves.
It seems similar to the situation we had in collateral value (marshmellow tower). My group just started with the work without any plan but later we reflected what mistakes we made.

But anyway … Group 4´s keeping going.

"The slowest, who doesn´t lose sight of his aim, is still faster than the one without a aim" - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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3 comments on “Week 5: Working in groups
  1. Learning by doing, right? 😉 Btw has your group considered asking my favourite style of video to impress me?

    • Philipp says:

      Hey Maarten,
      Yes, I think so, too.
      We talked about the video at our meeting on Thursday and came to the conclusion that we want to check on different video styles. Afterwards we will collect a number of examples and ideas to share those with you. Then we have the possibility to compare our thoughts with your favourite and come to a final version.

  2. Maria says:

    Nancy told us during the hangout that “you need some chaos first to understand the benefit of good organization”. Kind of “see the difference” :).

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