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Good Atmo

In my life I’ve been in some project groups and my experiences have always been good. You meet new people which is always interesting and you need to achieve something with different people. To do that it takes planning, deviding roles and the usual work.

But this group is more special then other groups I’ve been in because of the different cultures people have. This ads a nice dynamic to the project. You hear more diverse background stories than my previous working groups. I think everybody works together in a very friendly and productive way. Everybody does their work and we can all have some laughs. We have a very good atmosphere in our group or as we call it ‘Good Atmo’. Later in my life I would like to work together with international companies/people so this is an ideal way to learn to communicate with other cultures. 

I think we started well as Group 4. A bit confused but we did our work. Now we understand the link to the work we do in class and the work we have to do for the project. Last Monday we made a schedule and devided the roles for making the video. In my opinion this was a good move. Because we are no experts in movie editing. The schedule gives us better look on the tasks that need to be done. I will focus on visuals like images that need to be edited in and I will be doing that with Mayria. Others will be focussing on movie editing and the scenario (texts). 

Sometimes the assignment is not clear, this works demotivating. We discussed this and with the information we got on Monday about group size we are thinking of implementing this to our team. So we can work more efficient and be done earlier. Just devide the assignment in parts aswell as the group. Give every subgroup one of the parts and later come together as one group to combine all the solved parts.

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3 comments on “Good Atmo
  1. Michal says:

    I see that you described the atmosphere in your group as very friendly, and that you even have fun with it, and I think thats very important for every group, since it makes the environment more free and relaxing, which can result in better final result.

    good luck in following weeks!

  2. Maria says:

    Did you notice how our cultural background influences our teamwork? That would be nice to see some tendency for each of us, could make a comic or a portrait after the project 🙂

    • Willem says:

      A comic would be nice, maybe one of those caricature drawings. I am not able to that btw. :p

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