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4 your information

Work in a group of different people from different places can be a challenge, each one of us has his own way of working and sometimes that distinct  ways of doing tasks can generate a discussion. However, it’s not a bad discussion.

We had this kind of discussion a few times and I think it was really interesting and helpful for the project. Interesting because I could see how people of other cultures generally solve their problems and challenges, which is, sometimes, really different from the way I’m used to solve the problems in projects in Brazil. And helpful because when you have different ideas to solve the same problem, you have more chances of finding the better way to solve it.

And a funny fact is that sometimes we forget that our languages are different and we need to speak english and we say something in our native language! I did that a few times. :P

But I still had some difficulty to understand the way of doing the project here. Because in Brazil the professor tells us what’s the project, what he/she wants in the end and then they leave us, the professor will give an opinion just if you ask him/her. Here we have tutors for the groups, and these tutors are always helping us, even if we don’t ask. They give us tips of how to do a better job, how to improve our work. And in the begging I thought that this was strange: “Why are they always around?”; “Why are they asking us to do this?”, and so on. But now, after Janneke explain a little bit of why all the tasks in all the classes, I started to appreciate it. It’s nice to have a tutor around every time you have a doubt or just want an advice. And now that it’s clear that all the tasks are to help us with our projects I can try use it to improve the final result.

Other thing that I think it will be a challenge for me is the video. I’m used to do something similar to a report in the end of a project and a presentation explaining what the professor will find in the report. But now, we need to do a video in the end. And all the time that Group 4 makes something for the project I start to think How are we going to put this in a video?.
But, I think it is an interesting form to present a project and I’m really excited to do it.


After the video of Chris Corrigan, we know that might be better split our group into smaller groups to develop the project. So, as Katinka posted, we will have groups of 3, and each group will have a task to develop and present for the others member of Group 4. I think it’s better this way because when everyone in the team stop to think in the same task, all of the others tasks will stay behind and we won’t be able to do all of it.
I will join forces with Katinka and we are going to think about the scenarios for the video. 

So now on my focus will be how to translate everything we did (and still going to do) in a video? How to do this in a way that everybody will understand what we want to communicate?
Of course, I will help the others if they need and I will try to use all the tools that have been presented to us to help me.
Now, let’s work! :)

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2 comments on “4 your information
  1. katinka says:

    Julia, I can identify with a lot of your thoughts, especially regarding our video project.
    And I agree with Maria, we should talk with Nancy about that, I think she is a great inspiration and help.
    Im exited about the video, and I hope we can put our skills together and make a great work 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    talking in your own language means that we feel we can understand each other already and that’s great!
    Video is a challenge for me as well – have never tried any! Just thought it might be a good idea to check Nancy’s videos and find out what tools did she use so far.

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