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Today we coped with the topic GROUPWORK.

It is important that groups organize themselves, which includes the arrangement and distribution of roles and responsibilities. We went through some chaotic period which (as Nancy mentioned) did it’s good job, as we understood the importance of being organized. One of the most important ideas we got is that we should visualize and align all the information we have.

We were really inspired by the video of Chris Corrigan, who explained us that the number of members a group consists of has a huge impact on how creative and efficient a group can work.We want to apply this information to our group now, try out different kinds of components and arrangements.
Moreover, we want our group to serve as a “model “, so we can use this information and our personal impressions and insights to pass them to our NGO.


We have the opinion, that for now, it is of big importance to try and gather all our group internal insights, conclusions and ideas into something readable (something the whole gruop benefits of), so we decided to work with different folders on trello.
So, for our idea generation, everybody can individualy post hers/his ideas and afterwards we have the possibility to assemble and connect our thoughts.

TEAM WORK ( 3 people )

In our smaller groups, we arranged that, generally, two of us should be discussing and one of us should take notes, so we dont loose or overlook any thoughts or insights. Afterwards, we want to discuss this in the whole group. We plan to show interdependances so that every one realizes the importance of his/her role.


That’s it for now.

Thanks and have a nice evening.


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