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Getting information and the networks to gain that information have changed rapidly in the last decades. The latest technologies brought a lot of people very close together. Before the internet the search for information was more ‘Me’ related. You had to look up everything yourself in books and documents. If you had a problem you could only go to a small group of people to ask for an answer or discuss the problem and you had to go to them aswell. Thus the time it cost to get the information took a lot more time. 

In the digital age this can be done by a few clicks and with a few more clicks you can reach a very large audience. These days the search for information is definitively more ‘We’ and ‘Network’ related. Google is a formidable search tool. Together with Wikipedia almost everything you want to know can be showed on your screen in mere seconds. If you still have questions you can go to forums. Immense groups of people (with expertise or without) all around the world are willing to answer your questions. 

It is quite amazing what the new technologies brought us and still can bring us. I love the idea of crowdsourcing. There are a lot of smart people with good solutions for all kind of different problems but many of them can not be heard this has changed. 

Our knowledge is getting more collective every decade, maybe every year. That means more ‘Network’ and less ‘Me’. 

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3 comments on “Network
  1. Stefan says:

    Good post, but are you sure that the information in Wikipedia is always true ? Because, after all its written by people all around the world so, dont you think that you should check out another source except Wikipedia, just to be sure ?

  2. katinka says:

    Hi Willem,

    I would really like to help you with your blog next week.
    I like what you write, it is honest and direct.

    What I miss a bit, is the personal aspect in it, I would really like to know how you feel and what you think, regarding all this input and output.

    Hope we can manage that, just let me know if you need my help !

    cheers, Katinka

    • Willem says:

      Thank you Katinka.

      I will try to make my posts more personal, just like yours.
      If you can help me with that, that would be great.

      And now what I think about Wikipedia.
      I don’t think it is 100% trustworthy because anyone can change the content and then again that is the reason why I think it is trustworthy. That is because my experience with people. When I go to a party sometimes discussions arise and everybody wants to be right at the end. So a lot of facts will come from both sides of the debate. I think this happens with Wikipedia too but on a larger scale so the longer a Wiki is online the more trustworthier it gets.

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