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Week 4: Theme 1- Crowdsourcing and Online Social Structures

I use online spaces only as an indivual. I just interact with others when I´m chatting with my friends on Facebook so that´s just personal and nothing about sharing knowledge. In addition I´m not an active member of any other platforms or networks so it´s hard for me to give any examples or to think about experiences. In general I use the computer rarely.

Why should I spend my time in a number of networks? It´s clear that it can be helpful to use forums for example to share information in reference to special hobbies, interests or labors. However I don´t need those for my interests (sports for example) and like to do new things on my own. So no pros for me. Though that´s just my situation.

But I can´t understand how people can spend their valueable time to comment on youtube videos or other stupid stuff. Why should I care about the comment on a song of any stranger out of the world? I´m just feeling sorry for those people because I think that their lifes are pretty sad and boring and they have serious problems with themselves when they sit in front of the computer all day long. Hence they´re part of all those networks to communicate with strangers. They simply have no one else. I totally understand why they do so. It´s just a human need to share your thoughts. So for the those people the networks have big pros. Of course we can have big benefits in the use of networks (like I already mentioned) and not every  member is like this but I think online isolation becomes and mix of cyber and real world becomes bigger and bigger.

I would like to say more about my personal experiences but I´m simply not able to do so. I like to do things personal and in reality.

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2 comments on “Week 4: Theme 1- Crowdsourcing and Online Social Structures
  1. Mario Mirzahanyan says:

    Yes I totally agree aswell ! And so do I with your comment too Friederike. We seem to have the same relationship with facebook.And about the people that go up and down on the dashboard all the time, I also think thats just a huge waste of time…

  2. Friederike says:

    I really agree with you, that people do not have to have lots of accounts on different networks, beacuse it really takes a lot of time to check them all. I always try not to check my facebook account too often, because I often get stuck there answering messages which are not really imoprtant, checking my dashboard for important stuff, but most times it is just a bunch of unimportant information.
    I really admire people that are able to make themselves independant from social networks on the internet!

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