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First of all, I want to reflect on what I have learned and experienced in my research on the topics which were mentioned as Readings for this week.

Regarding the information about CROWDSOURCING and CRISISMAPPING ( which I had never seriously dealt with ) I was really inspired and surprised about this positive intension behind both of them.

I like the thought of collective power and cohesion, of gathering and sharing knowledge and information and then the individual contribution to a ‘bigger’ or ‘higher’ task.

I am happy to see that there are people who actually care, and who try to help others, using this kind of communication/community tool.

Besides, I am sure that this is an accurate and very useful way to do research on certain issues, or even find a collective solution and try to help others.

” in the classic use of the term, problems are broadcast to an unknown group of solvers in the form of an open call for solutions. ”

I am really inspired by this idea, and thinking about becoming a member in this collective formation.

 + ME/ WE / MANY +

ME can be useful :

individual ideas, personal experiences, skills, knowledge, emotions, inspirations —- > inspiration for the WE

WE can be useful :

implementation/ improvement of ideas, gathering of informations, perspectives, knowledge, working out ideas on a collective level and in different sight angles —- > basis for the MANY

MANY can be useful :

power of collective, collaboration, cooperation, achieving of higher goals



Now, I would like to go on with reflecting my personal network use.

Honestly, I was never particularly interested in technology and computer, I used them of course, but I was rather dealing with something else than computer games and internet.

Consequently, I am not especially skilled.

That is why I’m kind of happy to be in this course ( though in the beginning quite surprised because I haven’t expected so much digital touch ) and to have the opportunity to change my relation towards electronics and technologies, and to use and apply all developments and improvements in our global community and society.

As for the moment, I would say that I primariIy use networks for my individual and personal issues.

ME :

I use FACEBOOK and SKYPE for keeping in touch with my friends and family.

Moreover, I have some group interaction on that basis, for example I am a member of our IDE- group, which i found helpful but also confusing, because i don’t feel like i can be up to date all the time, since there are all kinds of topics and questions posted frequently.

Beside of that, I am member in several private groups for all different kinds of things and topics.

On top of that, I use GMAIL for more serious and important communication.

Plus some other kinds of networking sites like TUMBLR, PINTEREST, SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE, to just name a view, but these I use more for private and personal issues than for actual communication.

Regarding my interest in communicating with people all around the world and exchange of music and other files, I would say that Facebook and Skype are most valuable networks for me.

In general I prefer user-friendly and clear tools.

To sum up, I am still happy and curious about the next weeks and their tasks and challenges.

Thats it for now.

Good Night 


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

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