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Crowdsourcing and Online Social Structures

I use a lot of online spaces to find information and give information to others. I am signed up to several online forums, with thousand of other members. These forums are based around cars, aircrafts, ships and consumer electronics. I ask questions there frequently, lots of different users answer and the amount of information I receive in a short period of time and especially the wide variety of opinions is astonishing. When im not asking questions then I often help others who have asked questions. With time you become a trusted member and the community knows your online profile and you can exchange information with far more knowledgable people then myself. 

I don’t stick to only certain groups, if I have the chance to help someone or I find a new place where I can get my questions answered then I will try it out. Even if its only for one time. I find it very valuable to be able to exchange information with so many people around the world, from different cultures and age groups because its very intriguing to find out what opinion others have on a certain topic. You can get a better all round picture of whats going on or being asked. 

Youtube is great, and most likely one of my most valuable sources as such. I can usually find lots of videos about the same topic but all of them share information from a different angle. Sometimes you can engage in interesting discussions with other users in the comments section too. I subscribe to several other peoples channels or channels from organizations like National geographic, discovery channel, BBC and similar ones. I like being able to stay up to date with whats going on in the world and youtube is very helpful in doing so.

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3 comments on “Crowdsourcing and Online Social Structures
  1. Tell me 🙂 do you run fixed searches to find the information your looking for to stay up to date or do you follow only the channels.
    Have you experimented with searches on Google +?

    • Jul says:

      I mainly use fixed searches if I have a specific topic I want to know more about. From there I can run more fixed searched on certain things I might not have understand or other things that sparked my interest.
      Some channels over a wide variety of information so I use this to learn more about everything. When I watched a video on a new interesting topic then I usually go forward with a fixed search to find more about it.

  2. Maurice Schill says:

    I like your approach on how you use networks, but also how you try to find new ways in which to obtain information. For me personaly I have quite a broad interest range, so end up looking in very different corners of the internet for information. Having done this for a while, means for me that I have to keep track of multiple services & platforms to keep gaining information. At one point however it becomes very cluttered, and the time required versus the information retrieved, does not pay off. This is a problem, you should consider before entering too many new services.

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