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I, WE, NETWORK and me

While reflecting on the last week’s assignment I realized, that all this variety of  ”faces” in the social networks were all me. I also adjust my image for every network. And I keep constantly changing my profile picture, if I don’t feel it’s “me” anymore. So that’s, probably, how I use this “I" on the internet - as a kind of mirror. The fact that I use different mirrors for different networks is similar to the fact that we put different clothes on, when we go to the beach and to the theater. Different context - different "me". So my digital "I" is a lot about reflection and self expression.

The other side of “I" on the internet, I mean digging for information, is not really my strong point. I definitely prefer to work and receive information during the "WE" activities. For instance, self development (in terms of psychology) topic is one of the most important ones for me. And I have 5-6 friends, who are as interested in it as I am. And with each of them I discuss it in very private talks in i-messages, e-mails and Skype dialogs. We share insights, ideas, links, books. Less often we discuss this topic in WhatsApp or Facebook dialogs as they are much less private. They are more like a cafe - no one else is really listening to your private talk, but you almost hear this humming all around you.

If I really like one of my friends’ ideas and I feel it can be of help for any other I share it. And that’s one of the ways how I use “NETWORK" - passing the idea on from friend to friend to friend, I can finally end up writing about it in my blog at my Livejournal page.

NETWORK" is also one of the best ways to find people who inspire me both in Livejournal and Instargram. A friend of mine mentions his or her friend doing something beautiful or inspiring, I check it and start following too.   


Thanks to "NETWORK" I got to know illustrator and writer Yana Frank (, whom I admire for her passion for life (she fought cancer), trying out new things (she creates countless number of stuff with her illustrations on), inspiring and sharing her experience with others in her books and blog.

This is also, how I met amazing photographer Anna Koroleva, who captures beautiful surreal stories of Fairys and we collaborated a year later to create my own fairy tale.


And the last inspirational link, I’d love to share for now is in Instagram. The flowers and tiny details I see @flowerbureu make me smile and believe in miracles.


Hope you’ll enjoy them too :)!

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One comment on “I, WE, NETWORK and me
  1. Viktorija says:

    Hi, I like the structure of your article, that you use the idea of me, we, network. Also, it was nice to hear that networks and online communities have already helped you to get to know people with similar interests 🙂

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