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Online Tools and the NGO

I have good experiences with online tools. I use Facebook, Dropbox, Hotmail, Gmail, Whatsapp, Skype and Hangouts. They make life so much easier. I love Facebook and Whatsapp for quick communication. To share large files I use Dropbox. These tools are perfect for project work. I use Skype and Hangouts for communicating with the contact person of Solidaridad (NGO) but also to speak to my family and friends overseas.

This week we contacted Maarten van Leeuwen on Hangouts. We had a lot of questions for him. Now we know more about the NGO and we can work on solving the problems they have with Drupal (online social platform). 

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2 comments on “Online Tools and the NGO
  1. Nice question you have there Jennifer.

    I also see the possibilities for communicating growing exponentially in the past 10 years however it does not ensure connecting with people. What are your thoughts on that?

  2. Lee Ji Eun (Jennifer) says:

    I very agree with your thought about the technology these days. There are a lot of way to comunicate with people. However, I sometimes think that the more online tools get activated, the less talks go by with people in the real world. What do you think?

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