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Technology Stewardship and use during the course

I am very knowledgeable when it comes to technology as a whole. I can build, repair and disassemble computers and other devices with ease and I am always the one that gets called or asked for help by my family and friends when something breaks or someone needs help. I am familiar with a vast span of programs, the underlying code, and how they operate. I can use creative programs offered by adobe, CAD programs like FormZ, organizational programs like Adobe Bridge and many many other useful programs, I also know a lot about services available on the internet, if that is file sharing websites or social media website. I stay up to date with whats new and whats available. I use Facebook, drop box, many many other handy websites, and since recently store data in the cloud. However I am very careful when it comes to having thoughts, data or pictures of myself on the internet. I don’t have a digital identity as such. I have facebook, but for the sole purpose of being able to reach out to people I know, and getting useful information. I pretty much never post photos of myself on facebook, or update my status with what I think or am doing. I don’t feel the need to share all those things with hundreds of people. When I sign up for a service online, its because it might simplify something I am doing or help me to do it. And when I do sign up, then never with my real name or primary email address. I don’t think the company offering the service needs to know my name, phone number, address and what ever else they ask sometimes. 

Taking the above into consideration, I will help people with their technology, I am glad to teach people about computers, programs and so forth aswell as and being taught by more knowledgeable people. BUT, I will not in any foreseeable future build a proper digital identity where people can find out what I am doing and what my opinions are on certain topics. If someone want to know something about me, they can ask me and I will tell them, but I do not want to have it out there for anyone to see. 

Back to our project

We are now starting to use the file sharing website Trello. It seems like a great tool and I am pleased that my fellow group member introduced us too it. It will certainly be useful for our group. 

We had a very long chat with Marteen van Leeuwen. We were able to ask him a load of questions and he answered them very well. At the end I dont think anything was left unanswered. An interesting thing we found out was that quite a lot of the people working for solidaridad are not very young and this will give us a challenge when trying to introduce the platform. My group, and I, can now effectively start planning and thinking about what to do and how to do it. 

The spidergram was a fun and helpful task to have done. Its good to be able to see what our group thinks are priorities and what the NGOs priorities are most likely going to be. 

I am eager to carry on with this project as I am genuinely interested in it and what the outcome is going to be like.

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