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Being a digital habitant

Hello and welcome to the 3d week’s assignment post ;)

I’d like to start with sharing some of the insights I’ve got today while walking home. And they continued striking me, while I was listening to Alan’s interview. So…

…all these people in a picture below… Are they all me???? o_O

Do I really use so many of them? And that’s not all I use: add - WhatsApp, Viber, Foursquare, my account at my job’s network, and one more “job-account” I use for blogging at our web-site. That is actually a big surprise to me!

When I first read this “PERSONAL BLOG WORK” part I thought: What can I share? I’m really bad with technologies. But then I realized that I wake up and I wish “Good morning” to my friends using WhatsUp and I’ve been doing this for a year at least. I check my Instagram 5 times a day and I post there regularly, I share music and videos at my page at (a Russian version of Facebook), I post my ideas at my Livejournal page. And even more - there are people who really inspire me and have a serious effect on my life just because I follow them. And I’ve met some of them in person after I’d followed them for a while or I will probably not meet them at all. The role that on-line communication plays changed a lot, and technologies are sort of backbone of communication in general. Looks like it’s high time to start using all this stuff consciously :).

For our project we use Facebook group, Whats Up group and just started Trello. And Facebook worked well for the first week, but it’s definitely not enough for this week, as I see it. Sharing instant messages at WhatsUp can be more productive when you should react faster and have a small talk on a topic like: “What can we answer to Nancy’s comment to our spidergram?” :). You wouldn’t expect people being on-line in Facebook all the time. We’ll also try out Trello this week creating a follow up document on our meeting with Maarten.

While analyzing the spidergram we created for our group and giving 5 grade importance to “Project” part, I thought we might need to use one more tool - something like google calendar, where we can state deadlines for the tasks we have? Or may be some task-manager app with the help of which we can create tasks, appoint the responsible one and the deadline? How do you think, group4eva?

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6 comments on “Being a digital habitant
  1. Jul says:

    Very interesting.
    I must admit I forgot about skype as an online identity, but as with my all others places I am signed up at, I dont use my proper name there either 😀

    I like the idea about the calender, we definitely have to incorporate that

  2. Fernanda says:

    Hello Mairya,

    I agree with Marcelo when he says “cool insights”. I also identify myself with what you said: didn’t realize how much of my actions begin at an online conversation and may end up there as well. I wake up, wish my family and friends good morning, tell what I’m about to do, do it, then tell how my day was..and a lot of times I change my plans because of something someone did or said online. We definitely need some more consciousness here.

    As for Trello, how is it? I know nothing about this tool but maybe it could help my team, too. Currently we’re only counting on FB, Gmail and Google Drive besides Hangout and MeetingWords.

    Really nice post, congrats.
    See you

  3. Marcelo says:

    as the person here posted, I also try not to be on so many accounts or social things but as you said on your post Mairya, we do not realize in how many internet things we are involved with and how this goes completely unnoticed.

    Cool insights

  4. Friederike says:

    It was quite interesting to read your post because you seem to be like an opposite of me regarding social media. I always tried to avoid opening more and more accounts on different sites and using a lot of different instant messaging sevices because I do not like to spread my data everywhere. I agree with you that we should think more about how we can use these sevices more for our advantages so that they become more helpful and less annoying!

    • Maria says:

      I thought I was avoiding them as well )). But as long as my closest friends either live far a way or are quite busy, all this messengers were my communication tools.

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