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I would like to write some more things, since I dealt with all these questions in my head and all this information on the screen.

The people of Solidaridad have a vision, in which they help fighting against the poverty of our world, aswell as they try to create new ways for implementing sustainabilty in both agriculture and industry, and to develop the fair trade.

Peace and justice are the superior goals and part of their mission.

Solidaridad is an international network organization with nine Regional Expertise Centres worldwide.

The international structure and orgaization of these centres is still in construction, but is visioned as a coordinated program, which makes an equal input from all centres possible.

With this new communication structure, they claim to change the relationship between North and South in a significant way.


It is our task now, to think of an useful and creative way to help them develop their program, so that finally all centres can be linked, and an interactive, supportive and hopefully user friendly communication will be possible.


I’m looking forward to work on this with my group and i think we can fusion our minds to support their vision.




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  1. Good work & I look forward to working with you as well. We have not yet had the capacity to update our website. The vision and mission statement you see is old. In the Annual Report 2012 you’ll find more updated information.
    And I might even share with you some new stuff next week. Stuff that I’ve been working on with my colleagues this week during our first ever Global Communications Meeting!
    Happy blogging!

  2. Nancy White says:

    As I read your review of what you are learning about Solidaridad, you might want to consider VISUALLY mapping it out and sharing with your team (and share a photo of it here too!). Sometimes you will literally “see” new ideas! And also visualize their global network. Just an idea!

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