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Week 2: Your NGO & You

In general I really enjoyed the course kick-off. It´s really interesting to meet new faces from all over the world and especially to see how different people think and work. I think that´s the biggest benefit for every group. I´m totally confident about our group work because I´ve got the feeling that everybody is very motivated and wants to get on with the project. (I din´t have this situation since years.)

Luckily we are also able to do so now because there was no support on part of the tutors and that was the only fact that bothered me. I mean how should we know what to do if it wasn´t even allowed to ask questions. It´s not our fault if we worked on the task from the the 2 sheets that just laid in front of us and not on the task that is buried somewhere on one of our pages. Of course we have to do our own thing but i would have prefered some kind of jump start. It´s not like we don´t want to do anything ;)

Besides that I think that everybody got a first impression of our forthcoming work. For me it seems like we will work on complex problems inside of communities and how we can solve them. Therefore I would wish to learn more about mapping out strategies to handle with problems in different ways and to get a better exposure with those situations. Sometimes I think that you´re maybe to deadlocked in the way of everyday thinking and aren´t able to see all the other possibilities around you. In addition to that I also think that it will be interesting to see how a group of about 7 people will maybe find a solution for a problem that keeps a big part of a community busy like we have it in our group with Solidaridad.

How our outcome should look like? I don´t really have an idea right now. That would be also a bit too early I think. The main goal for me is that we will have an interesting and innovative outcome that we will all be satisfied with. The way of presantation and how it will look like isn´t of that importance and I think there is more than one “right” way.

My “special quality” would be drawing and creating I guess. So maybe I will take a big part when it comes to presenting things. In my eyes everybody will find his position in the working process and because of the fact that we all have different ideas on everthing we will also work in different areas when we are in our meetings or group work.

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3 comments on “Week 2: Your NGO & You
  1. I know the feeling of not knowing where to start. But making assumptions is the worst you can do. So ask questions, but asking the right questions is a skill that you’ll need to master…. eventually.
    Even senior communication professionals still need to practice this skill to get the right answers and make the right decisions. Good luck with this project! Check with your groups spokesperson about a possible Skype meeting. 😉

  2. Nancy White says:

    Hiya Philipp – please holler if you have questions or need support. The team is here for you!

  3. Julia says:

    I really like your text 😀
    And I agree with what you said in second paragraph! I still not sure about what we need to do exactly! KKKK

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