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The First of many

First post for Project Communities.

For now, we just met the group and received the orientations about the assignments for this class.

To be honest, I don’t understand completely what we need to do.

What I know:

•    We need to do posts every week about the theme we received;

•    We are going to work with a NGO (I think we have to help them with a problem of communication);

•    Work team will be one of the most important things;

•    We will meet Janneke every Friday to put our ideas in perspective;

And that’s it! I think I didn’t understand the main goal of the class, like, what do we need to deliver in the end?  :/


During the course we will learn how to work with people that don’t have a physical presence in our lives. We will need to get used to talk with them through computer, and understand what the person wants to transmit.  Also, if we want to work as a team, we will have to learn how to respect the ideas of others, and how to put the ideas together in order to do the best work possible.

To be honest, I’m not the best person to work with new technology, I don’t feel comfortable talking with people through the computer, so that will be a challenge for me, but a good challenge. :)


I don’t know exactly what Group 4 needs to delivery in the end, but I will find out and then, with all the team, work hard to do our best, and deliver a meaningful work. A work that will be helpful to the NGO and will add value to the team members. ;)


I did 5 semesters of Production Engineering in Brazil, so I think I will be able to give some different ideas, because of my experience in another area other than design. And since I have some experience with team work I know a little about how to manage conflicts with the members, and, if necessary, I will try to use this to make Group 4 work together and without complications.

In Brazil, I worked in a company and I had to deal with my bosses every day, so I have an idea of how to behavior when talking to the owners of a company.   :D 

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2 comments on “The First of many
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hola, Meliga. Meu Portuguese nao e muito bom, mas posso escrever um pouco. Nao se preocupa tanto, ok?
    Ok, switching to English. You real world work experience can be a huge contribution for your team. So that may be one of your strengths. You noted that you aren’t so comfortable in the online communications — so if you want to practice, let us know, ok?



  2. Maria says:

    good start! It’ll be a bit easier for me now 😉

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