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Your NGO and you

 Our NGO is the Gogorobi Foundation, a storytelling and theatrical music production organization located in Curacao.  For this weeks assignment I’ve tried to immerse myself in this organization and I tried to get as much knowledge as possible. First of all, the website is in Dutch so I was able to read it (advantage for Dutch people!). As I’ve learned, they produce musicals and workshops to conserve and promote the storytelling tradition in Curacao. For us the assignment is to help them expend their network and help them with the fundraising. This is something we started to work on in class and got together to achieve our goals. I wanted to know as much as I could about the Gogorobi foundation to be able to understand what they do and what their unmet needs are. As I’ve learned more about their work, I saw that there is a lot more they can improve on expanding their network. As I’ve said before, their website is only in Dutch and thus not possible for others to read. This is something within the group we’ve immediately agreed on should be changed. Next to their website, they have a Facebook page. This page is not updated at all and they’ve got just over 60 likes. There are so many other social networks they can use, for example Instagram or Twitter. This is just some proof that we can help them improve their network and I am looking forward to starting with it!

I truly hope that at the end of our course we are able to help them with their needs, I believe that if we stick together and go for it we can make a difference for them. 

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