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Le fin

During the last week’s research I learned a lot about online communities and networks. And whether it is crowdsourcing or crowdfunding, to find the right community and the right networks to spread or promote your idea of a product is very important.

Communicating with clients and partners online was new for me and in the beginning I had to get used to it, but now I can see the advantages this online communication brings. We are able to talk to many different people over the world, we are able to get an insight in their work and thoughts and we can ask questions!

Going through the design principles I discovered one fact that caught my attention: design is honest. A product does not attempt to manipulate the consumer with promises that cannot be kept. Our movie for the Gogorobi Foundation will provide several ideas of crowdfunding and network expansion and we tried to make them as realistic as possible. They should work and be realizable in the next years.
All the Design principles connect together and regarding our final video/report/website I would say having a clear structured video will help us to deliver our suggestions understandable. Keep a clear storyline with pictures that attract attention but are not confusing. We decided to use a Prezi presentation which will help us to come back to the main page again and again to keep a structure. Furthermore we will add a spoken text in order to make the video authentic.

I would advise next year’s class to take the “get-to-know-your-group” part serious. In my group it took us a while to discover everybody’s strengths and now knowing them it saves us so much time and work! Personally for me it was very helpful to create a book where I note down all the ideas and topics we discussed during the weekly meetings. We worked on many online platforms and it sometimes was a bit confusing for me to keep an overview. Structure and setting yourself deadlines helped me (as with everything…yes, maybe that’s typically German :)).

The course improved my knowledge about crowdsourcing and funding and especially helpful for my path through the program was to create something for a real client. And I have to say, that I started caring about the foundation during the weeks I learned more about them and their purpose. I hope our ideas and plans will help the foundation to reach their goals.

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One comment on “Le fin
  1. Nancy White says:

    Thank you for this final reflection (and sorry it has taken me so long to comment – been on the road!) Keep creating real things of value! YES!

    Thanks again


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