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Week 8

During the Project Community course we have learned a lot. We have studied the topics like Technology Stewardship, Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Marketing and finally this week we were learning how our presentation should look like and the requirements of it.

It is hard to exclude only one thing which seems to me the most important from what I have learned. The final result of the strategy depends on many factors. It is like a puzzle. If you are missing one detail, you will not see the best result. However, I can mention some things that seems to me very important.

In this course I have learned a lot about online communities and networks. Now I see that this knowledge is essential for innovative design. All the ‘confusiasm’ that was at the beginning of the course has gone. During the course I have learned that digital technologies are very powerful. We even have online and offline lives, we create our digital identities. Finally, more and more time we spend online. As a result, communities and NGO’s should focus more on the online sources which are very valuable. So, the main thing I have learned is that online tools are changing all the design process very intensely. Design process involves more online tools like crowdsourcing and crowdfunding that gives new opportunities for designers. Furthermore, online communities give us a good chance to spread the ideas. Using knowledge of many we get more feedback and we can improve our works. Finally, crowdfunding can help make the ideas real and find out if the idea is promising and gets enough support.

Moreover, classes with Nancy White have proved that the distance is no longer a problem to communicate and we should use this advantage for design process. Also, I have learned that we can contact with our client using online tools, so, we can easily work globally. Another very important thing is teamwork. I realized that it is hard to make a good team. We have been leaning how to be productive. I have learned that there has to be the balance between the team members and we have to know our roles otherwise the work is not going further. Also, we don’t have to be afraid of fails because that’s the way how we are learning. As an American writer on business management practices has said ‘Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.’


Photograph taken by me.

So, what are the basics of successfully creating online communities?

For my design principles as an example I use our client Gogorobi foundation.

Understandable- the target group of Gogorobi foundation is very wide. It involves children their parents and the possible donators. So, the information for publishing should be wisely chosen. It has to be suitable both for kids and their parents. As Albert Einstein has said “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” 

Transparency- our NGO is seeking for funding, so, it is natural that it has to be transparent. Possible donators want to see the activity of the NGO. Website and the information online should answer to the question why people should donate them and for what purposes the money are or will be spent.

Internationality- in order to expand the networks it is very important to be easily accessible. So, like translating the website in more languages, in this case English, the Gogorobi foundation would reach more people. Also, by becoming a member of World Association of NGO’s they would expand their networks and would become more international.

Accessibility- information about Gogorobi foundation has to be accessible. They have to spread the idea about their organization widely.

Maintainability- Our group suggests many online tools for expanding the networks. However, after trying it out those tools I think the best course of action would to choose several social platforms and to keep it constantly updated. Quality is better than quantity.

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2 comments on “Week 8
  1. Nancy White says:

    I love that you used your own photo! But more important, I appreciate the clarity of your description of what you have learned. WONDERFUL!

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


  2. JoJo says:

    Nice post!
    You really like design things.
    I’m also interested in crowd funding, and I like the online crowd funding platforms very much, but before I read your post, I didn’t think about the transparency problem. Although these platform showed their profession aitidude, maybe it could be more open to the angle investors.
    Looking forward to our final presentation:) Good luck!

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