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Stepping out into the world

As we are approaching the end of the project we are beginning evaluating taken actions and considered strategies. We devoted each week to different aspect of the project involving themes such as team work, crowdsourcing, networks and technology stewardship. All of them contributed to our final work, for example during fourth week we worked on our teamwork, which helped my group to organize and schedule our tasks in more structured and efficient way. Yet so far the most significant theme appeared to be the crowdsourcing and crowd funding.  Project revolves about the Gogorobi foundation and their search for funding and expanding networks.

Learning about gathering funds by exploiting the power of crowd seemed life the best solution as it aims and satisfying both, so far unmet needs of Gogorobi foundation, simultaneously. So far out NGO had quite large problems with marketing. During Monday meeting we learned about examples of successful marketing strategies, so now we try to adapt and implement them to our foundation. One of the two key points of our strategy is improving their digital identity, as nowadays with internet being main source of information the social media it is important to present oneself in a likeable manner. That is why we created an example of web design that attracts attention and is more likely to help promote Gogorobi. With the design we based our ideas on other websites of NGOs having similar goals.

As I mentioned earlier for the main factor playing role in achieving the goal, I’d point out crowdsourcing. Sharing information with many recipients is basic thing that NGO must master. So far Gogorobi foundation had few sponsors that were contacted directly by Sheila Payne, contact person from the foundation, but the NGO did not get involved with many social networks.

Crowd funding allows the NGO obtain money from large group of customers, since it is not outsourcing, thus there is no need to limit oneself in funds processed in order to continue activity. Moreover donors choose the amount of money they are willing to give and also they have the feeling of being a part of something bigger and charity.

Engaging bigger group in a project results in more ideas and thus the cooperation becomes more fruitful. One of the lead objectives of Gogorobi is preservation of Caribbean traditional storytelling and how they can do it better than by informing many communities about it and sharing their commitment for the cause? Creating larger target group would allow Gogorobi to involve themselves into other online platforms. Our strategy includes introducing Gogorobi to Globalgiver, which helps organizations from all over the world.

For our final product we intend to deliver consistent strategy which hopefully will be appealing to the foundation. In my opinion so far this NGO didn’t engage itself into marketing itself enough. I’m not sure about the reason but I find two reasons of such. First is that they simply lacked motivation or the second which I consider far more realistic they were too focused on local promotion and local activities and this project is supposed to push them a bit to step out to the whole world. Either way I think a lot depends on their attitude and motivation. So far we managed to exchange only few emails so I hope that our presentation will be substantial to the organization. Although this project resulted in me learning far more about marketing that I had suspected in the beginning, I’m counting that the work of group Evolve will contribute to the success of Gogorobi.

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  1. Maurice Schill says:

    I have read a couple blogs, and many people are agreeing about the importance of crowdsourcing & its availability. Perhaps it should become a major focus of future industries, to help include their customers in every step of production process.

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