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Monday #6 – Group Blog: Marketing Trends & Advice for our NGO

In this week’s class we have learned about Marketing strategies. We saw some examples of successful cases in which marketing did work out and tryied to imagine how the key features which helped them could be applied to our NGO. As we’re mainly working on crowdsourcing online options for Gogorobí, we find it important not only that marketing has numerous ways of being applied but also that it has been revolutioned and empowered by the structured online platforms available today. Given this facts, this is what we think Gogorobí should look out for:

1 - HTML5 (infinite) Scrolling Storytelling

A powerful webdesign trend that is not complex and has a stunning result. This also engages the public by making it easy to navigate through the story. It would be really interesting to have pages specifically designed to follow a traditional african story. 

2 - Content Marketing

Having an organization’s marketing based on content means being able to work with:

- Web & Story creation
- Engagement of audiences
- Platforms such as Vine, IG

The more Gogorobí gets to share their stories and traditions, the better people will be able to see them. Stories engage people for they can recognize similar values and conflicts. It means Gogorobí already has a lot of what it takes to build a content marketing strategy. It just need to explore and settle down to the best platforms. Micro-blogging is a favorable tool as it’s fast, dynamic and just trendy at the moment.

We also think an important aspect of positioning an organization inside a context or market is to contextualize what you create by knowing how companies / organizations / individuals with similar goals are reaching audience. Taking in account the others inside an environment doesn’t imply on copying them or competition only but to know what aspects of them are useful, which are not, what you could do more like them, what would not work for you. It is necessary to interact inside a context if you wanna be promoted inside it, and that is how you do it. Not only “analysing” them but also sharing how it was made and what could be useful for the others.


To give an example, there is this website. It is also a caribbean NGO about storytelling. Differences are they have their content focused on donating / selling products and have a clear explanation of what it is in a language more popular than dutch. A lot of aspects which Gogorobí’s missing.

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