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Week 7

Now it is week 7 and we are near the finish. So, it is time to look back and make the conclusions of all our work process. Since the beginning of the Project Community classes we have studied various themes like Technology Stewardship, Crowdsocing, Crowdfunding, Teams and others, which all helped to create the final strategy for Gogorobi foundation. However, some of the themes are more important than others.

To my mind, the most important theme for our NGO is crowdfunding as it is the main unmet need. Gogorobi foundation is non-governmental organization, so, without funding it is hard for them to move on and make new projects, events and workshops. Funding is essential in order to survive as oganisation.

Regular ways of funding are already known for this foundation because they have sponsors. However, they need to be active and find new ways of funding and focus more on online tools. As a solution our group suggests crowdfunding, which is very effective way to raise money. These days there are many platforms where organisations can publish projects and seek for funding.

Our recommended platform is, which should be the key tool in finding donators and getting projects funded. The main reason why we chose this platform is that it focuses on ngo’s projects related to culture and other themes. Also, it has a trusted reputation globally, which is important in order to keep transparent. Finally, there is no fee for joining.

So what are the reasons to use crowdfunding? Firstly, crowdfunding is very effective. Every year huge amounts of money are donated for various organizations using crowdfunding platforms. Moreover, projects are funded by many unique donators, who, also, spread the word about the project and follow its’ development and implementation. As a result, the crowdfunding platforms may help to increase the popularity of Gogorobi foundation. Secondly, it may help to expand the networks with other NGOs as they may find other partner organizations. Thirdly, crowdfunding platforms can give other benefits like training sessions, or can help to find volunteers. Finally, while using crowdfunding strategy Gogorobi foundation won’t get entangled in debt for the banks, which is very important for new organization. To conclude, crowdfunding platforms are the main tool in order to find donators online.   

The key role towards success during the process will be played by our NGO. It depends on their further actions. If they follow our strategy I believe that there will be good outcomes. The main thing what they need to do is to keep all the information on their online base up-to-date. They need to be active in order to reach the aims. Furthermore, our NGO has to be transparent to build the trust by sponsors. This may be done by posting all the latest news, events and other information on their website, facebook, twitter, youtube and other platforms. Gogorobi foundation has to expand the variety of online tools they use now, so that more people would reach them. The solution to reach the goals (funding and network expansion) is a clear strategy of action. Our strategy contains the package of ideas, suggestions related to network expansion and funding.

To sum up, after we create the strategy the further actions depends on our client in this case Gogorobi foundation. And of course our responsibility is to help them to reach their goals, if something is not clear or needs to be improved.


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