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-Solving the unmet need of funding-

The foundation my group is working with concentrates on preserving the storytelling tradition in Curacao. Their main unmet need for the NGO was fundraising so we tried to concentrate on expanding their networks and use crowdfunding to find as many sponsors as possible.
During the last weeks we learned a lot about crowdsourcing, Technology Stewardship, Marketing and working in teams. I think all these topics were very important for me in order to be able to think of a complete working solution-suggestion for the NGO. Of cause the final solution plan for the NGO includes all of these aspects and as I said every lesson was helpful to achieve the solution plan we have figured out now.

But crowdfunding was definitely the most important part of it. To use crowdfunding means raising capital from many individuals who belief in your idea, each making small donations that adds up to a lot. Before this course I had heard about crowdfunding but I was not aware of the actual way a foundation could use it and I didn’t know how close it is connected to crowdsourcing.
But why is crowdfunding so important to the NGO?
crowdfunding will help the NGO not only to raise money but also to expand their network, which is the second unmet need of the Gogorobi Foundation.
Crowdfunding is a big part of our final suggestion-plan for Gogorobi and since crowdfunding is closely related to crowdsourcing we were able to cover both their unmet needs with our strategy! I would like to give an example showing the connection between Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding. We advice the NGO to join the website It is a website to raise money especially for Nongovernmental organizations. But in order to become a long term member and to make a profit from the popularity of the website the NGO has to pass an open challenge. They have to find sponsors and show that they are able to use online networks to expand and reach new communities. The suggestions (e.g. website improvements, using new online networks) will help the Gogogrobi foundation to pass this challenge.
The end goal should be to reach as many new communities as possible to gain more popularity and as a result to find more donators. A key role to success will be the foundation itself. They have to build up and maintain the communities we want to reach with our suggestion-plan. If they start to use online networks they have to put in a lot of effort and time in it, so that it will be as effective as possible.

We as a group can only provide as many information and strategies as possible that we think could work to achieve the end goal. The final video will include many details and exact steps the foundation should follow. I think it would also be very helpful to talk to our contact person Sheila Payne from the foundation after sending her the video to answer questions or to explain some things in more detail. The suggestions we come up with will be a start for the NGO to rethink their current online network status and also to start new projects by using crowdfunding and more online networks to expand their communities.

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One comment on “-Solving the unmet need of funding-
  1. Nancy White says:

    Lucie, thanks for this really helpful post. I have a couple of questions.

    1. In your last paragraph you talk about the different strategies. How are you prioritizing these strategies? What criteria make you say “you should do THIS one, but don’t bother with THAT one.” That is super valuable information to your client. Because sometimes TOO many options is a challenge.

    2. Can you find a way to link “popularity” back to the organization’s cause (which is not popularity!)Raise money to do WHAT? Build the network to accomplish WHAT. Tying it back to the organizations main goals is important. This is what we call the “VALUE PROPOSITION.” IF you do THIS, you will be able to achieve THAT. (And, by the way, it also then helps you think about how you would evaluate this. So if they increase their network by 20% in the next six months, and track their new donations, can they see any causality between the two? In other words, were these new people the new donors? If yes, do more! If not, rethink the strategy.)

    I’d be interested in hearing your and your team’s thoughts on these two points. Thanks

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