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Evolve’s Approach to the Briefing

Since we received the briefing to come up with suggestions for Gogorobí’s fundraising and network expansion, this is what Evolve team worked on:

1. Storytelling tradition of Curaçao & Caribe
We did a research on Gogorobí’s context which helped us to find out more about their purpose, limitations and story. This was a priority for us to make sure we understand the traditions that led us to take the next steps in order to suggest relevant strategies.

2. Preservation, conservation and promotion
We also learned about Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding which are very important to Gogorobí’s since it aims not only Preservation, conservation and promotion of the Storytelling tradition but also Fundraising and Network Expansion. We came to the conclusion that maybe Gogorobí’s concern about Preservation, Conservation and Promotion is limiting their activities to a local environment. If the organization wants step out of their local interaction certainly it should focus on Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding benefits to spread it widely.

3. Gogorobí’s expansion research
We analyzed Gogorobí’s current situation (reputation, popularity, expressions) and discussed the possible solutions. The first suggestion would be to improve their online platforms. This can be done by using a bigger variety of social networks and keep its informations constantly up to date. Then people can find Gogorobí on different contexts and choose the best way to connect with them. Also it is important to connect with other organizations that share the same or similar goals.

4. Crowdsourcing Suggestions
We did some research on how a story can be presented to a community and also how we can involve the people to…Taking into account the main goals and activities of the foundation, we have selected the storytelling part to work on. After this our job was to understand how networks work and can be helpful, then find out which one fits Gogorobí best. One of our suggestions is the website ‘Storify’, which can be used as a platform to spread stories about the traditional caribbean traditions Gogorobí works after.

Today, when we’re close to the deadline, it is nice that we had the opportunity to reflect on our work and speed up to the end result. This consisted in summing up all the information we have in one document and start working on it as a presentation so we easily visualize a storyboard for our end result, which is going to be a video. We’ve decided on the video idea since the beggining. Our goal is to present our development and final ideas in an easy, attractive way to the client. We’re also very worried about suggesting effective ideas which fit Gogorobí’s environment, and the video is a good way for representing it to them.

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One comment on “Evolve’s Approach to the Briefing
  1. Lucie says:

    Hey Guys!

    I think our group work this week went very well! 🙂 I’m sure we can provide good suggestions for the Foundation and I’m looking forward to our meeting on monday to see how we can transform our ideas into an appealing presentation.

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