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The beginning of the end?

You could say this monday was the most nerve-racking day so far. A lot came to us, both for personal branding but also for Project Communities. I see that we are making a lot of progress in the group so that was a relief! Everything is coming together and we are finishing up lots of loose ends.

This weeks blog will be about the usefulness I see in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. As ive researched a lot about these subjects (never heard of them before) I learned a lot about them, and that its applied in a lot of things I use myself. I believe that crowdsourcing and crowdfunding is an amazingly useful tool to gain knowledge and money. First of all, it’s free. Most of the time though. How good is that? And you get so many different views which makes the variety of it all so wide and interesting. Because social media has been and still is growing so much and fast, this is also a developing tool. You could think of so many ways to use crowdsourcing ideas, also by making it fun and interesting for everyone. This is something ive really become to realise in the last few weeks, and I really find it cool to think about ways to apply it in our own assignment; the Gogorobi foundation. I am now researching and exploring the African storytelling part of our project, and a bit about a possible radio station for this and the general storytelling. This is where it comes in handy to know about the ways to use crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. 

Here’s an example I read about on the internet and find very interesting;

McDonald’s: Back in 2007, McDonalds held a “Global Casting” contest to get images of real people to be used on all cups and bags. They received 13,000 entries and chose 24 faces to be rolled out on all packagings worldwide, starting with the United States and Canada. The same year, in Australia, McDonald’s asked local consumers to create and name a burger when “burger naming legend” Ken Thomas retired from McDonald’s Autralia. They finally chose McOZ (“Aussie“), but the burger is not being sold anymore, says Wikipedia.

In France the McDonald’s logo is green! This is a sign to show the company’s sustainability efforts, and this positioning was also the topic of a graphic design and photo contest held in France in 2010, by which the company wanted to know how to best communicate its sustainability policy. Recently, McDonald’s has had huge success crowdsourcing new burger ideas with its initiative Mein Burger (“My Burger“) in Germany. People could come up with ideas and design their own burger via, where a visual product configurator was available to play with. They got over 116,000 submitted burgers and 1,5 million votes on the page, and received a lot of praise from the specialized marketing press! 

this is just an example which inspires me. I think it will be very useful for our designing career as well. As for now i cannot find any real disadvantages from crowdsourcing. Maybe that you’re not sure how reliabe the information is? 

well this is it for now! untill next week! 

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One comment on “The beginning of the end?
  1. shahab says:

    Good example. So in what type of projects (your own future projects) you might refer to a crowd and ask for some input?

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