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#5 Teamwork time!

One of the things I hate most is teamwork. I do understand its main assumptions and why it is important, moreover I am willing to admit that the work of many people is far more valuable and simply better than work of one person. But it often happens that making teamwork happen often requires more effort than achieving the purpose individually. It often happens that one person becomes responsible for all the work done, at least in my poor experience with teamwork.  I assumed the key to successful team work is task division and strong leadership of one person, who will motivate and merge the group together. Having no other choice but engage myself in teamwork I guess I have to overcome my reluctance if I want my team to succeed and to be partially responsible for the outcome.

Our team Evolve team consists of 8 people, which is quite a lot. One could expect utter chaos, disorder and no organization, while we experienced something contrary- silence. For many meeting we sat, talking very little, making very little progress. Often some team members skipped meetings,  punctual attendance also wasn’t our strong side. I do not intent to be offensive in any way, I myself had to miss Monday meeting due to health problems. My absence cold cause some difficulties as I had prepared materials for Sheila, our contact person from Gogorobi Foundation and unfortunately I couldn’t post them online that day. But usually our online communication is flawless, we communicate via our Facebook group and we post everything on our shared Google Drive, which has this advantage of providing all team with information about progress and makes everyone part of the work. I don’t think that cultural differences were a great obstacle for us all, we have common goal and that is the thing that we focused on putting the things that vary us aside. Moreover I think that due to those differences we have different skills and perspectives, which with good attitude will be a great addition to our work. Other positives of my group are good research skills, very good organization and involvement: most seems really concerned about the project and we genuinely care about it.

This Monday ( even though I was absent I am aware of our progress due to our great communication!) we divided our team into smaller 2-3 persons units. My is responsible for contact matters with our NGO and fellow groups working on the same project. Now we got clearly divided tasks, each group is defined from A to Z in all dimensions, so each of us had defined duties. That should improve our efficiency, as well as the pressure put on attendance. Now I think we are on the right track and I really expect some results.



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2 comments on “#5 Teamwork time!
  1. Weronika says:

    Yes! thats exactly what i meant. Small groups help with interactions and role divison, as you know exactly what the group needs you to do and who to be. Maybe its just my personal impression but in large groups purposes, aims ad roles are more blurred as it is more difficult to make many people understand the same thing in the same way.

  2. Nancy White says:

    If I’m understanding your reflection correctly, the positive difference is SMALL team work is more reasonable than larger team work? Is the small team work satisfying to you? I wonder, since your opening line referred to hating team work.

    I used to hate teamwork until I experienced a blissfully WONDERFUL team. Then I realized that how we did it mattered. A lot!

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