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Divide And Conquer!

This week in Project Communities we were asked to look at our own use of social and technological architecture. This meant our own team dynamics and how the team was working with the amount of people that we have in it.

We watched a video from Nancy and her friend Chris Corrigan, about how group size can affect the work that is produced. The key points that I got from the video was that with individual reflection comes diversity of ideas. Groups of 2’s or 4’s have a stabilising effect, whereas groups of 3’s or 5’s are more unstable when coming up with ideas. However the main point that stuck with me personally throughout the video was that studies have shown that groups of more than 5 people mean that creativity is harder. As we are working in a group of 7, this point stuck in my head for something that we could potentially change.

So armed with this new information and new techniques that we could use to make the most of our groups creativity, the first thing we did was divide the group up into pairs and then separated the work up so that each pair had tasks to complete. I was paired with Michelle and our task was to Research the Gogorobi context fully and also to research and come up with solutions for the Network, Products, Events and the Website.

So far with our group work there has are a few aspects that have been working well, firstly I think that how we collect and collate all the information using Google Drive is vitally important as everyone has access to it. Another aspect that is working well is the communication side, as we use Facebook for all of our research that we do at home and also communications that we may need during the project. I also felt that this week has shown me that our group all has different qualities and skills that we can utilise and use so that we can complete tasks easier. As I mentioned we broke up into pairs to come up with ideas. I was in a pair with Michelle and thankfully she can read and speak Dutch and as we had to translate the Gogorobi website which is all in Dutch she translated and read it to me whilst I harvested the information that she was giving to me and wrote it all down so that we could interoperate it in English.

However there have been some challenges with our large group. The main challenges that we have come across is attendance, work ethic and work completion rate. With the attendance, some weeks we have a whole group and others we have been down to 4 people. This really effects the work rate that we can progress with as usually people have been given specific tasks to complete before we have the next meeting. Therefore if certain team members don’t turn up, or turn up without the work being completed it means that we are being unproductive and have to use the time we should be progressing with to go back and complete the work that should have already been done.

The impact of having such a large group has meant that sometimes we can be unproductive as there is so much information and ideas being suggested, that we can get lost or off track completely. However I feel that it isn’t all bad with the large group size as actually it means that we can divide and conquer. This week in particular I feel has been the most productive due to the fact that we had 6 people working in pairs on separate tasks that meant a large amount of work was completed and we progressed massively. The impact of different cultures however so far I feel has been positive, as mentioned earlier each of us having different skills that we can use in conjunction together to be successful in the different challenges that we are faced with. The impact of the task, is one of the most important things in my eyes as it is all about how our group interoperates the task that we are trying to complete. This week we actually looked at what work we have already done and the answers that we have got. We then realised the direction we were going in wasn’t completely the right one. We were getting off topic and actually had to go back to the original brief and ask ourselves what we were trying to achieve. We were effectively lost in answers, but by going back to the original brief and task we actually started again and got back on track.

One thing that I hope we will be definitely doing in the coming weeks is taking the experience that we had this week and see the progression we had so that we can break up into smaller groups within our own again and be more constructive. Breaking up into smaller groups is by far the best thing that we have done so far and the progression we have made this week has been profound.

Until next time! :)

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2 comments on “Divide And Conquer!
  1. Mikey Taylor says:

    Hi Shahab,
    I wouldn’t like to say that we have a team leader as such as everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses that we work with. However if I was made to pick one person it would be between Lucie and myself. Lucie is the most organised and is always actively involved in every aspect of the group, especially when delegating tasks but I like to think that I also have these qualities as well. So I would say that we share the responsibility of the ‘Team Leader’. I am relishing the project management aspect of the group as I am always learning new things. For example we divided work load up and realised that some people had to much of a work load, so then we divided it up even more so that it was evened out between the team which meant that as a team we were more productive.

    I would say that we use two online tools to boost our teamwork, these would be Google Drive and Facebook. Google drive is where we collate all of our separate work and is mainly organised and operated by Fer. However this is a tool that can be used by everyone in the group to view what work has been completed and what is going to be next. We also use Facebook to keep everyone up to date with what work we have done and it somewhere to post new inquisitive things that may be helpful to the overall project. This is quick and easy to organise new meetings and everyone always responds quickly. I feel that these are the main two tools that boost our teamwork.

  2. shahab says:

    Hi Mikey, divide and conquer looks like the right strategy. Who leads the team? Is it one person as the team manager? How are you experiencing the project management aspect? Do you use any online tool to boost your teamwork?

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