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7 individuals, one group

This week’s Project Community class was all about teamwork. And yesterday’s reflection on our group work helped us a lot to define our next steps as a group.
I structured my text in different parts and added some visuals to make the reflection more understandable.

What is going well in our group?

To be able to start with creating a plan for our foundation, we started to gather information about what the foundation does and how we can help them. And I have to say our team is really good at gathering information! We all agreed on using Google Drive and we created a facebook group to keep up with dates and news. This communication process works well.

What is challenging for our group?

A big challenge for our group was structure. We had lots of information but there was no clear division who works on what. Therefore not everybody was involved in the working process and the motivation decreased.
Furthermore it happened very often that one or two members were not attending the meetings, so the group (depending on everybody’s research) was not able to continue the work.

Team work can be challenging, especially when the team exists of seven people with seven different cultural backgrounds. Everybody has his/her own values and objectives and most of us didn’t work in a group like this before. I think it is a normal process our group goes through and I think by talking about problems and challenges we will be able to organize our work and our group.

Personally for me it was challenging to get everybody involved and motivated. We didn’t define clear roles and since last week we couldn’t really improve our groupwork in terms of results and solutions. So we had to ask us these questions:

How can everyone contribute efficiently? How can we involve and motivate everybody in our group?

While reflecting on our group work, Fernanda created a list of topics we were working on and topics we still have to work on. We divided not also our group, but also the project into smaller, more manageable tasks. Individual members of the group are now assigned to primary areas of responsibility and that will increase the motivation. It seems like a great plan to take a bearing on and I’m sure it will work out well, especially because now the assignment seems tightly structured.

Team meetings are one of the most important parts of our work to share information and to get new input from others. So we created an agreement:

- Everybody has to attend every meeting, on Monday and on Friday. If a person is missing two times without an excuse the group will first talk to the person and then to the teacher.

We used the STARR model to reflect on our team work in terms of information & ideas Gathering and Team organization. It was very useful to see what worked out very well and how we have managed so far.

Furthermore we established a common goal (content of the final presentation) and determined what each individual would like to get out of it. I am sure that creating a shared objective will help us to start working efficiently as a group.

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