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The theme of this week is group size. At first it may seem that the more we are, the more ideas we generate, so, the better team we are. However, the practice shows that work in a smaller team is much more effective. According to British author Antony Jay, there are centuries of evidence to support the idea that small groups are the most efficient.

Our team consists of 8 members, so, it is quite a big team. At first we had difficulties in organizing our work. We have tried various methods. As the main we chose to split our team in to sub- teams of 2-3 people and to share the tasks. Moreover, we have made an agreement between our team members to feel the responsibility that we all have to attend team meetings and classes on Monday.

Also, we realized that sometimes we have to look back to the assignment to remember what specifically it asks. It is very important to understand the task.

To me working in the groups is itself challenging. I am a real individualist. Also, education system in my home country mostly focuses on individual work. So, at the beginning of Project community classes I found it really hard to work in a group. And now I understand that working in a team is not so easy and organization of work is very important. It is very hard to keep the balance that all team members would be equally involved in the team work. So, we are still searching for ways to keep that balance.

Furthermore, what’s interesting about all the teams is that we are all very different. Variety of nationalities and different culture backgrounds makes the work even harder. Sometimes it is hard to understand each other.  At the same time it is, also, an advantage that we have more diverse ideas and we are learning from each other.

What we need in our team I think is passion and organization. Our team has many good ideas, however, we still have some chaotic days when the work is not flowing and we are just struggling with the tasks. The main problem may be lack of experience and organization. During the Google Hangout I understood that most of the teams have quite similar problems. However, we are trying to improve the quality of our team work. We listen to advises we get from our tutor and Nancy and we try using it in practice.

Also, what we found new yesterday it was STARR method, which we used for reflections. In my opinion, this method will help us to improve our work. Also, summarizing the ideas and making it clear should help us in organizing better. Otherwise we may get lost in all our ideas. Check- in could, also, be a good way to structure our work.

So, what we are doing now is a great chance to learn how the teams work. That is a valuable experience that will be useful for the further projects.

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One comment on “Teamwork
  1. Fernanda says:

    Yes! This is what we need: passion. Maybe before we were insecure about our own methods and tasks, but I hope now that we’re solving this, we have some space for more passionate, clear work. It has been great to work with all of you!

    Congratulations on a very clear post, I like it 🙂

    See you

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