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Group Evolve Post

Today we’ve split Evolve in smaller groups. We listed what we’ve been doing so far and what we think we should come up with and then gave 2 of this tasks to a group of 2 or 3 people.

We’ve structured our team like this:

Organization of the Information: Fernanda, Weronika, Vladimir

1 - Contact with Sheyla

2 - Storing information

The green team is responsible for the contact with Sheyla. It means this group gathers all the information the other teams have found in their researches and write the identified questions, suggestions, etc. This team will then also send the e-mails, as well as getting its answers and making the information clear and available to everyone. Based on this information the green team makes available, the other teams continue their researches. All the researches made by the other teams are also gonna be centralized and organized by this team.

Final results: Mikey, Viktorija, Michelle

3 - Research: Gogorobí, Curaçao [Context]

4 - Research: Solutions - Networks, Products, Events, Website

The purple team is supposed to learn all about Gogorobí’s context: its place, people, and other important aspects that could influence our research. The Curaçao storytelling tradition is pretty new for everyone in the team so we should learn what it is about and why it is important. As the purple team is gathering the information about the foundation environment, it is also proper that this team suggests effective solutions that would work on it. Are we gonna suggest them to create more social network profiles, products, or what kind of solution? What kind of events or improvements to their events we could suggest? What needs to change in their website? (as well as how and why)

What are our final results based on: Lucie, Kiki

5 - Research: Crowdsourcing & Network

6 - Research: Fund raising

The red team researches about our main topic. What is crowdsourcing, what are good examples? Which kind of networks could work for Gogorobí’s network expansion? How is the actual fundraising of the organization working, what are the weaknesses and strengths and what are possible plans for them?


Team Reflection:

- Subject 1: 1st information & ideas Gathering

S - Group receives a briefing and comes up with ideas and an initial research.

T - Store this information and organize it as well as the team intern and extern communication.

A - Google Drive. Group Gmail Account.

R - The group knows where to find all the information and it’s well organized.

R - The found solutions work for the team communication but maybe a solution for work management would be a good idea.

- Subject 2: Team organization

S - A big team with talented people but the work wasn’t flowing and organized. Not everybody was involved in the working process.

T - Manage our work to use all of our potential.

A - Split the team into smaller groups and divide tasks. Create an agreement of team member’s responsibilties and attendance.

R - Work is becoming more clear and organized and therefore easier. The team relationship got better.

R - It started when everyone admitted the team wasn’t being really productive. Then one person tries to come up with an idea for a solution and explains the team. Everyone gives their personal opinions and we come up with a real plan to organize the work. It makes the team more excited and comfortable with the work.

Like every Monday today we had a Google Hangout with Nancy White. This week it was much better organized than last week. We had roles in the team that made our work more efficient.

We agreed with the idea that check in about what we have done at the beginning and at the end of the meetings could help us to organize our work better. Furthermore, we realized that all teams were having organization problems. So, the theme of this week is very relevant. Finally, our group understood that it is very important to clarify assumptions so as not to get lost in all the ideas we have.

To sum up, after working today we got a better understanding what changes we should make in organizing our team.  

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