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#4 When you don’t exist on Facebook…..

Heeeeelllooo Internet, 

Growing up in the digital times has impacted my way of thinking about the world and accessibility of information and knowledge. As in my rather early years I have got in touch with internet my use of spaces is rather directed at myself as an individual, yet as time passes I noticed that I keep getting more and more involved in it by belonging to various societies. Instead of playing online games and “googling” various information I began to transfer my life online. In the beginning I focused on myself and my pursue of knowledge which accompanies me to this day. Youtube and Tumblr are probably still most used by me tools, as they combine knowledge and entertainment. Nowadays the pressure to exist online had me engage into more social online activities.

Taking for example the most common network- Facebook. As they say “ If you don’t exist on Facebook, you might as well not exist at all”.  Starting I just thought I’m about to share my items and thought and of course making use of the “like” button, but soon I discovered that it has become primarily a way of communicating and interacting with each other, as I started IB program. On Facebook my classmates reminded each other of deadlines and shared ideas for  assignments in our own group.

By the time I moved o Netherlands I have made an habit of everyday talks with people on Facebook, but now I also became a frequent user of Skype and Google Hangout in order to remain close with my family and friends. Moving to completely different country without knowledge of its primary language is a bit difficult if you don’t know any people from there, as in my case. Soon I discovered plenty of small groups on Facebook, of people who are in the same situation like me and help each other with variety of problems. I have started to interact with others in the whole web, the concept of virtual stranger partially disappeared.  The threats that were represented by him turned into opportunities. We, as IDE students formed a bounded, well defined group interacting with each other online and in real life.

I prefer to interact along in a wider network, as I think it provides more opportunities and information, also larger group of people have no requirements towards engagement and activity of the group, while as I noticed smaller group put pressure on each member to take active part. What I observed about people interacting in larger networks is that one thing, for example one post can often lead to further conversation and it is enough to have one thing in common to really get in touch with someone. I like to join creative groups, that for example keep me informed about the new from designing world.

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