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Week 4 Crowdsourcing and Online Social Structures

This weeks’ theme is crowdsourcing and online social structures. Crowdsourcing process is very important to our NGO because it can make a big impact for the further development.

To get a better understanding of crowdsourcing I tried search for some daily life examples. One of examples I found is Wikipedia. It is a free encyclopedia built collaboratively. Anyone can add and edit information in this website. As a result, the content is always up to date and that would be hardly possible on traditional encyclopedia.


What is my place in online communities? Mostly I use online space as an individual. I am interested in what’s happening nowadays like inventions, daily news, exhibitions, events and so on. So, I read the articles, watch videos, and use Google to find all the information. Usually if I find something interesting, I share it with my friend, for example, I send the website link or I just tell them what I have found out.

Furthermore, to collect my findings on the internet I use  I find this programme very useful because of its simplicity. All you need to do is just to drag the information to the toolbar and it is being saved. After I found this programme I don’t need to press copy/paste, save images as… etc. as often as I used to do. Now it’s much easier to save all the information that seems valuable to me. It can be text, quotation, website, picture or video. I strongly recommend to try this programme.


I, also, have some personal experience of online communities. I am a member of It is massive open online course website, where you can enroll to a course and study online. Also, it can be called as an online learning community. There are discussion forums for each course, where you can get to know other students and to feel like in a real class. Moreover, I experienced how effectively we can solve the problems, discuss about relevant issues in discussion forums. Another good point of this website is that it connects people with similar interests.

Moreover, I use online spaces like facebook, where I am a member of several groups, for example New Open Innovators group or Waldorpstraat (for students living in student dormitory) and tumbrl for Project Community classes.  Facebook groups help to solve the problems very effectively.  While being a member of New Open Innovators group I can find out information related to our course like websites, articles, video. We can share opinions, write comments. I could call it as a part of our Project Community class , because in New Open Innovators group we learn to be members of online community. 

To sum up, online communities make processes more interactive and involving. Long distances are not a problem anymore. Picture below reflects how online communities like Tumbrl may affect communication.


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