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#3 Know your digital self

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We talked a bit about technology this week. So let me begin with a bit of context to it. As we find ourselves in 21st century, we are constantly facing changing and developing technology. It is unavoidable not to be in touch with it. Internet is nowadays place where life, for many people, happens and is as real as the world outside of the web. We have online documents, blogs, meetings and even friends. Part of our reality shifted to virtual space. We have developed out digital identity in order to equal demands of modern life standard.

Engaging myself in virtual reality required from me opening personalized accounts on many portals, such as Facebook, which not only serves social purposes but helps me to keep up with all school assignments. So far I wasn’t involved in any official activity that promoted me as a public person and thus my online activity is quite limited. I have some experience in using most common programs and tools, which were useful for me in the past, such as Power Point, Excel, Gimp, Prezi, Google Hangout, Skype, Facetime, Picassa, Movie Maker. As the course evolves I realize how much I might need such. For example on Monday, while making the spider-graph ( posted below)  imputing the data to Excel table made our work far more easier and what follows we had more time, which we used for more insightful investigation of tools and their importance on different level of company development. For the development process we divided it into 3 phases: Kick start, Implementation and Feedback. All put together on the same graph illustrated our thoughts far better than hand drawing, which was the alternative.

Creating a tumblr account, fortunately wasn’t a big challenge for me, as I have heard a lot about it and I am already involved in similar community ( and use of it is very similar, if not identical. So you can see my engagement is use of online tools so far is quite limited and I doubt if anyone can benefit from me sharing my knowledge. Nevertheless I am very eager to learn about other online tools from others, as I think they are very handy for a designer, particularly if one wants to be recognized.  I am particularly keen on mastering Photoshop.

As for online platforms promoting my NGO, The Gogorobi foundation,  I noticed that their online activity is quite poor when it comes to quality and quantity. Although they have their official web site, yet there’s not much information about them and the layout of the page is rather unfortunate. It is difficult to find desired data. Their Facebook page has 130 followers, which for modern standard is very little, it is not regularly updated and the post definitely do not engage the viewer, who is  constantly surrounded by excess of information in the internet. Also they did not decide to participate with any program organized online helping NGOs to market themselves in order to get donors. In my opinionthese are some of  the sources of problems with founding. If my diagnosis is correct Gogorobi Foundation is an example of an organization who is left behind due to inactive virtual advertisement. 

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2 comments on “#3 Know your digital self
  1. shahab says:

    Weronika, your statement “We have developed out digital identity in order to equal demands of modern life standard” is an interesting point. First question that it raises in my mind is that: what are the most influential standards that require us to develope digital identities?

    You also mention that your engagement is use of online tools so far is quite limited. Obviously, it is your choice to develope your skills in a direction you like.Do you have a plan for what tools you want to learn?

    And my last question is that how does your team define a high quality online activity (for the NGO)?

  2. Fernanda says:


    Yes, I agree that Gogorobí online activity is unsatisfactory. However, I think that is something we can understand if we remember what the organization is about: keeping traditions. That may help us to come up with some ideas. It’s always inspiring to work with paradoxes. We’ll work this out, together with Sheila and our teachers.

    See you

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