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You can be totally anonymous and have no privacy. All it takes is no one knowing who you are.

On Monday we had a very interesting Google Hangout session with the group but also with Nancy White which really inspired me. Especially where she talked about our online identities. I immediately thought of when I googled my own name a few months ago. When I typed in my name, I expected to find nothing more but a link to my Facebook or Hyves page, but I didn’t expect to find my entire life on the internet… I found lots of pictures from years ago and direct links to my families personal information on several websites which I didn’t know even existed. What Nancy said was confronting but very true, and I realized that most of us have no clue that we might not be the only ones to control what is put out there about us.

That made me realize the possible affects that the online world can have on our lives and how important it is to be aware of the fact that we are not always able to control it. We might want to present ourselves in a certain way online, and people who know us may see us in that way, but we have to remember that someone who doesn’t know us at all might get a completely different impression of us. I believe that a neutral opinion would be very helpful in this case.

I guess the internet has some important advantages, but we are not always aware of the risks and/or disadvantages it brings along with it. Now it’s a challenge for me and the rest to find out how the digital identity of our NGO is presented. Personally I never heard of the Gogorobi foundation, but that is probably not very strange.

When we started the discussion within the group we started to work on the spidergram to get a better idea of what to do next. This was not as simple for our NGO assignment but we did our best.

This all made me think about what I personally could add to our group work. I don’t have a lot of skills concerning networking, but I am always open-minded and good at thinking outside the box. I genuinely hope to be able to help our group to develop and learn as much as possible!

See you next time:) 

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2 comments on “You can be totally anonymous and have no privacy. All it takes is no one knowing who you are.
  1. shahab says:

    Hi Kiki, reading your post poped up two questions in my mind: Firstly, which online tools do you use the most? and secondly, how much of the information you found on Google (about yourself) were reflecting your skills?

  2. Maria says:

    Hm, I’ve never googled my name, I should try! Thank you for the tip!

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