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Week 3 Technology Stewardship

  These days technologies are essential to successfully create and develop online communities and networks. This Monday during Project Community classes we practised how it works. We had a second Google Hangout with Nancy White and Alan Levine talking about technology stewardship and digital identity. It was very interesting to hear their opinions about these themes. I have learned many things that will be useful in contacting with communities. For example, that we should be ready for things not working.  As a result, we may use or facebook. Moreover, practice sessions might be very helpful in order to start the meeting on time. Doing all these steps we should have a successful meeting, which is very important in order to reach the best result.

 All of us we are somehow involved in technologies. I can use Microsoft Office programs like Excel or PowerPoint, moreover, I have some skills of using Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Iliustrator. However, I want to develop my skills more deeply.

 Since the beginning of this course I became more familiar with websites like, Google Drive or tumbrl, which I had never used before. Also, I am using facebook which plays a very important role in creating digital identity of people. We are like having two lifes one- online on the social media networks and another- offline in real life. This idea is perfectly reflected in video We, Our Digital Selves, and Us by Alan Levine, where he shares his minds. 

All of us we are creating our own digital identity. However, it is up to us if we want to keep our personal data private or public. For those who are tired of social networks there was created a programme called Web 2.0 Suicide Machine which deletes your personal data from the networks you select. The idea is to encourage people think about these networks in a different way. Maybe if we stopped using the social networks, we could spend more time with family members and we would get back to our real life.

I, also, should mention that later the programme was banned. You can find out more about the concept in this video:

 Furthermore, yesterday we created a spidergram. This type of graph was new to me. Our group tried to simulate the project for our community from the beginning until its’ peak. We divided the period into three phases (Kick start, implementation and feedback) in order to investigate which tools would suit each period the best. As a result, we found out that the importance of most tools is increasing steadily until it reaches its peak in the feedback period. You can find the final graph in the post below.

 Back to technologies I would like to share a video about how technologies could look in the future.

 In conclusion, technologies are becoming a part of our life.  It changes the way we live and communicate. It makes easier to keep in touch with other communities. So, because of these reasons technology stewardship is essential to reach the best results.

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2 comments on “Week 3 Technology Stewardship
  1. Viktorija says:

    Thank you, I am happy that you enjoyed reading.
    To my mind, it has an influence to our digital identity. For example, when we create profiles on different websites we try to adjust the information to the type of website, like publishing formal passport photograph in university website, and a photo from the holiday in social network. However, it is very personal decision.

  2. shahab says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. What I missed was more stories about your own digital identity experience and may be “strategy”. Besides, do you think the way we are involved in the “technology” affects our digital ID?

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