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Starting the Community Project I think we’ll face many issues and problems as we leave the zone of abstract and start interact with world. To begin with, we, as students are to become aware of functions of NGOs and their actions. Indirectly we are getting involved with most crucial issues of modern world, by finding out about Millennium Development Goals. Also we investigate the role of modern media in gaining cultural awareness and how they help gain recognition organizations that help to achieve MDG. Our tasks will embroil us into the relationship between the online community and a distanced receiver.

I would like to learn during this project how to efficiently and successfully use networks and online communities for my own purposes and also how to fruitfully share and fulfill ideas. I think it is very significant to a designer as it brings him into the real world and makes him face actual problems and obstacles.  

I  want this project to result in me getting deeper insight into the crowdsourcing mechanisms, but I also hope that it will teach me efficient team work. The final outcome of this project will be hopefully well-defined strategy of fund raising for Gogorobi foundation presented in a coherent, well-thought video that will be significant to the NGO.  I’m not sure about my “special quality” that I might bring, but I surely expect to discover it soon. 

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  1. shahab says:

    The Steps you mention about getting involved in the topic of this course and your learning goals are very well structured’ clear and realistic. I also think that your point of view on the relationship between communities and distant received will guide you to fruitful learning. Your first special quality is “setting clever goals and well defined vision”. So keep the good line of thoughts 🙂

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