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Imagine of solution!


First of all i think that every theme we have been looking so far is important for solving the unmet need of the Gogorobí Foundation. However I think the most important themes are crowdfunding as one of the needs of the Gogorobí Foundation is fundraising.

Why is crowdfunding so important for the Gogorobí Foundation? Crowdfunding offers the possibility to make events and keep the foundation “alive” with money since one of our goals is to find a solution for the fundraising of the Gogorobí Foundation. People can spent a small amount of money to a project of the Gogorobí Foundation via a crowdfunding platform to support the Gogorobí Foundation with money. Also it is good if the Gogorobí Foundation has projects on a crowdfunding platform because it is one kind of cheap or free advertisement. People get informed about the project and the aims of the Gogorobí Foundation. The Gogorobí Foundation should use the advantage of the internet and crowdfunding platforms, to easily reach a lot of people which a willing to do something “good” and donate for a cultural project.

Another point is, if donators see that the projects really takes place because of there donation, they are maybe willing to pay also to another project because they are happy about there help for the success of the Gogorobí Foundation.

So in short the 3 reasons for using crowdfunding

  • Getting money for projects

  • Cheap advertisement

  • Emotional connection of donators

In my opinion the advertisement and marketing of the NGO will play a key role. It is necessary to make the Gogorobí Foundation more attractive for potential supporters to spend money for a project. Therefore the Gogorobí Foundation should better point out what they are doing. Furthermore they should upload more “catching” material like videos or music records at social platforms like facebook or youtube. Also I think the website of them need a rework since the layout looks very frumpy and is not available in english.

My solution would be to rework the public image and make it more “catchy”. Therefore they should rework the website of them and also the facebook page. People which a randomly come to this sides should be getting interested in this side because of audio records,videos or pictures. However I think they should go step buy step and try to do one really good event which shows who they are and what they do.This event should be documented .So they can use this event for continuing advertising on social platforms and especially refer at the next crowdfunding events to this one light bulb moment!


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Week 7

So this is almost the end and we still have a lot of work to do!... Me and my team work mates have come up with a lot of interesting and original ideas but still most of them have to be more detailed and put in an organized way.

Evaluating all the things we have talked about during this weeks, the most important theme I can find out is that of crowd sourcing. Me and my team work mates were trying look at a really good site which could help the Gogorobì Foundation to become better known by the other around world. What we did was to try to analyze it in detail by pointing out all the strengths and weaknesses and coming up with a conclusion with the respective motivations.

Personally I consider crowd sourcing a really good way to make an organization be known by other people and sometimes it could be a good help for fundraising and since the Gogorobì Foundation is looking for fundraisers this is a good opportunity. I believe there are some people that are able and would like to donate and help this organization but first of all it has to be attractive. People should see it clearly and understand everything about it and this is another reason why it should be helpful for the NGO. Through the use of the crowd sourcing sites people can see exactly what is the organization like and what are their needs. It is also possible to put the contacts which is extremely important to have everywhere.

Third reason why its good for the Gogorobì Foundation is that there are also free crowd sourcing sites where the companies don't have to pay anything to make an advertisement about themselves and I consider this an excellent possibility. Not all of the organizations, especially those that have just being settled up, can spend a lot of money and having some helps from other people/experts around the globe is convenient.

The key role in all this thing is to make the organization really interesting and well presented at the eyes of the audience and accept and analyze all the possible ideas given from outside. However, I think the solution for the Gogorobì Foundation would be just to make it more popular and 'catchy' by putting, for example, on the website many more videos of the events going on and even a time table of the future ones. I suppose the organization should consider also the choice of spreading out the voice even in its country and making some invitations for the people that are willing to join, by leaving them at the hotels, restaurants or even bars.

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Le Crowdsource

Over the course of the past 7 weeks we have explored various themes, including; crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, work teams and marketing.

In my opinion our NGO, the Gogorobi Foundation, can use all of them in one way or another. In my opinion the one that will be of most use would have to be crowdsourcing.

As a recap, Wikipedia defines crowdsourcing as “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community, rather than from traditional employees or suppliers

One of the reasons it can be very helpful is because using the spidergram  we found out that they were missing access to expertise. With a crowdsourcing platform such as it is easy and convenient for our NGO to hire the right people needed for certain projects. And the people hired would be rather specialized since you can browse to hire per category and sub-category. This way whatever job the NGO needs to be done it will be done well, and they would only pay if they are satisfied.

The NGO can also benefit from crowdsourcing as the foundation isn’t very ‘social’. What i mean is, that they have a website (though only in 2 languages of which none are english) and a Facebook page (with just 155 likes). By expanding the social networks and media the foundation is involved, and also improving the existing one (for example; adding english as an option in the site). A great tool would be one where there are hashtags available, allowing more people to view posts and to so expand their network. An example that i believe would be great for them is keek. It is an app where you share videos up to 36 seconds. You can them hashtag them. I think this is a good platform because there are currently 58 million users (from Wikipedia), so many people can view the contents that have been hashtagged.

Thirdly, platforms such as forums or even their own facebook page can help them because they can get some content or ideas for future projects. Since we have seen that projects isn’t going so bad for them, i still think that having more input or feedback from the ‘audience’ can be beneficial for them to know if they are doing things well or they can get new ideas from their fans.

In my opinion, a possible solution would be to start with crowdsourcing, maybe working on the website and trying to get more people to like the facebook page. Then, the NGO should ‘invest’ in social media, like keek, twitter, instagram, and stare information of upcoming events, and even share videos. It is crucial for them to hashtag. It is an easy step to start also because the most famous social networks are in fact free of charge.Once this is completed they can start hiring freelancers and also start the process of crowdfunding in order to raise money for the projects. In the end, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding will have to work together seamlessly.

Such Fun!


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Our “client” the Gogorobí Foundation assigned us to find solutions to their funding needs as well as network expansion. In my opinion the latter point can be split in two. Network expansion within the foundation and external supporters which do not participate in the work but give support by donating, spreading the word and enjoying their work. So basically employes and consumers. So far every theme could be of use to address these issues. The use of crowdsourcing and especially crowdfunding seems to be the best ways though.

An argument in support of this approach is that a big crowd of people can make a bigger change than just a few people and the  internet gives us the opportunity to tap this crowd very precisely. Volunteers from all over the world could be found to help the foundation do all the PR for example or give support with organizing, managing.

If enough people are convinced by the idea they will be willing to donate. Crowdfunding used right is a great way to reach a big chunk of the right target group.

Making this crowdfunding campaign viral would be the ultimate goal of course and would reach a lot of people, but even without it being viral there is a good chance that it would reach people that want to participate in the foundations work as well and build up community that way. 

I think its really important to have our video with the advice as precise as possible just to make the impression that it is a plan that is thought trough. 

My final solution would roughly look like this: First step for Sheila would be to find some volunteers online that would like to help her with creating media like a killer website, a crowdfunding campaign video and material. She should choose one project that she wants to do and try to market that. Start a crowdfunding campaign for this one planned project while expanding the local community by reaching out to the next target group: cultural interested tourists through travel agencies and tourist offices. 

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Week 7

I want to start by saying that every theme so far has been very interesting to me in various ways and I think all of the themes can be useful to my group’s NGO in order to achieve it’s goal.

If I have to pick one theme, that will work the best for our NGO’s goals, I must say I will pick Crowd-funding. Our NGO unmet needs were Fundraising and network expansion,but the funding is the main goal.I believe that through Crowd-funding our NGO can get the funds it needs in order to maximise the marketing campaigns in order to make the expansion of the network as greater as possible. Another reason, why I think Crowd funding is the best way to solve our NGO unmet needs ,because it is a very easy way to get funding.

I think that the team work and the general group effort will play a key role towards success during this process, because the team work will make the difference between good and great approach to solving a problem.

From my point of view, the solution for our NGO is to use Crowd-sourcing and Crowd-funding in order to gain funds and network expansion. After that I believe the Foundation should spent some amount on Marketing, because I believe that through better Marketing strategies, the Gogorobi Foundation can become a world wide known foundation.

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Coming up with solutions

          We are now in the week 7 (almost 8) and we’ve learned many tools that might be helpful for our NGO. In the first week, we received kind of a text telling us about what was the Gogorobi Foundation’s unmet needs and since than we started working on how we could give some help for Sheila, who is the founder of the NGO.

          This unmet needs were Fundraising and Network Expansion. So, based on this and choosing only one theme, I think that Crowdfunding would be the best one.

I can justify my option with at least 3 main reasons:

   1- The main need of the foundation in money. Sure they need money for doing their presentations and other projects. By choosing the best Crowdfunding platform we can have a bigger range of people who will see and know the NGO and, than will support it. We have many platforms as options, but we can always find the best one for achieving our goals.

   2- The second reason is because we learned that Crowdfunding is not only funding. Is also can help the NGO to bring diverse perspectives and critical thinking to their work, what is always ‘welcome’ as a tool that can be used for improving our project. Moreover, it can help you to get new ideas.

   3- Using this tool will help to advertise the foundation. I mean that it is not a free way of advertisement, knowing that the platform keeps an amount of the raised funds, but as we could notice, some of this platforms have more than 150.000 likes on Facebook, and more than 85.000 followers on Twitter, which are by far one of the most used social networks, so this is one of the points that we considered when choosing the best Crowdfunding platform.

          But, having the best Crowdsourcing platform and the best ideas are not enough to make something work out. We must know how to express our ideas in a clear and creative way, so people can be interested in ‘the product’ we are trying to sell.

          That is why what will play a key role is our movie. This movie must be the most creative as possible that people can watch and feel like: I like what this foundation is culturally trying to do and I want to support them. 

We have to think about the target group, that is as Sheila said, any people, because she wants to make presentations for kids but that their parents feel like watching it too.

          The solution would be the movie itself where people who is watching will want, if possible, go to the places where Gogorobi is presenting their play, or if not possible, watch the youtube videos about it and be sure that their money is being well used and so we can create a solid network with good and fixed supporters for the further projects of the NGO. And this network will be always in expansion.

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Approaching To The Main Goal

Currently we’ve almost completed our Project Communities Course. We’ve been working on different subjects, exploring new interactions facilities, searching for a right strategy. We’ve been trying to reveal how the NGOs actually work. Our main target has been Fundraising and Network Expansion of the particular NGO Gogorobi Foundation. In order to detect the convenient solution for our client we’ve learnt many facts about Technology Stewardship, Online Social Structures like Crowndsourcing and Crowdfunding Networks, Marketing and Customer Support Communities. Together these topics draw up the proper way of funding our NGO. However there’s one of them that seems to me as a more essential one.

I would say that more useful theme for us was Crowdfunding Networks. This one has brought effectiveness which we need to reach the goal and solve the unmet needs of the client. Why?

  1. Our NGO’s first need was distinctively defined as FUNDING. So if the most favorable Crowdfunding Network is chosen and the performance makes the right impression, then getting support from investors (people and organizations around the world) is not impracticable anymore;
  2. Crowdfunding itself had been obscure for me before we got to learn about it last week. I’ve gain a lot from that class and found out that this is meant to be the best solution for the type of a problem we’ve been trying to solve;
  3. Reckoning on crowdfunding platforms, there’s no need for Gogorobi to ponder on extra advertising spending (because I’d say that right use of Online Fundraising is already 50% of a matter).

It’s not a secret that having just a smart database set up is never enough for success. Outward appearence and presentation are playing the same key role as whatever you have inwards. This is why i think that concentrating on the way we’re going to perform our results is extremely important. We have to organize our power to head to making up a creative video that would contain all our suggestions in an attractive form. Thus, Gogorobi will be convinced that our proposal can be taken into account.

As a solution, I would advice to inspire each other within the team. As far as we all have our own points of you, we must share them with no hesitation. In this way, we’ll achieve to find out what is the most interesting part of a project for each member. Then we all will be motivated and ready to work on our visual output.

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Crowd (sourcing + funding)

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are 2 very important options for projects like the one my group is doing for the Gogorobi foundation.

According to Wikipedia, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are (respectively) “the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people" and "the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations”

A couple of weeks ago with the group we explored crowdsourcing platforms, and we came across some that can be very useful and can be tailored to the Gogorobi foundation. We found tools such as photo-and-short-video-sharing app (for iOS and Android) Instagram. We thought it would be a great tool for them as it allows for them to share pictures of their storytelling and music events, and it also allows them to expand their network as many people use instagram, and hashtags can help them reach out to people who do not follow them yet. Like this, more people can be directly informed about what the foundation does, how it works and what it aims to achieve, and with this it can make people more aware of their problems and more people will aid the in the funding process. I think that crowdsourcing is more of a long-term goal, as i think that its benefits are visible in the long run more than the short run, as it takes time to build up followers (for example on instagram)

Crowdfunding is another important option for this kind of project. I believe that it is for the short run, and it may have people question the foundation if it is used in the long run too often. For example, if they start a kickstarter project (let that project be an event or a group of events), if they manage to raise the money for that project, then that is great!, However, it isn’t so great if they rely solely on crowdfunding for every project. The foundation has sponsors, but our goal is also to find a fundraising strategy. 

I think that both crowdfunding AND crowdsourcing are vital tools for this project, however it is up to us to suggest how they should be used in order to be more efficient. As previously mentioned, i think that some crowdsourcing platforms (like instagram) should be used in the long run, and would be more efficiently used in such way. Crowdfunding such as kickstarter or indiegogo, on the other hand, are excellent tools to use in the short run.

Crowdsourcing in design in general has both its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages is that having more people to “work on the project” can keep it a realistic project, since many people “work” on it, however, since more people are “part of the project” the actual final result can turn into something very different than the original brief wa, and can also limit the ideas that everyone would have for the project. As seen in last week’s video, the ideal number to come up with ideas is 1 person. Crowdsourcing though, can be more helpful with coming up with services that one person alone does not have the availability.


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Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are great ways to help especially independent designers these days….

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are great ways to help especially independent designers these days. Everybody with an ambition, a dream, an idea could step into the world via their computer screen, find people that share their passion and have complementary skills and design something great together. And with the trending crowdsourcing platforms they can bring those ideas to life by using the people that also share their beliefs for their created product and are willing to spend some money to challenge the big players in the industry. 

Crowdsourcing used in the way of using human resources I think is the biggest collaboration system of the internet age. We learned that collaboration is of such importance when designing because ideas can spark other ideas that eventually lead to something greater than ever imagined could be done by a single genius. Unfortunately I don’t see the everyday person collaborating, I think because there is not the awareness out there of all the benefits it could bring to society and because of the lack of applications that make collaboration easy for the everybody. Thats just an itch. 

This week we also learned that crowdsourcing at use to look for funding can be used to build a community around the thing/cause/event at the same time. This way people who are interested could get on board, support the designers with ideas and feedback and make it an ever better result. 

What I am critical about crowdsourcing is the question wether the access to the crowd should be free of costs or not. We discovered a lot of services that act as agents for cheap “virtual labor”. I think that is a great business opportunity for the freelance sector, but could it turn all of human online interaction into something you have to pay for ?

One more thing (that is more or less unrelated). Last week I was enlightened when I saw my superhero Elon Musk alias Ironman talking at Stanford (min. 22:00) about the idea of the internet being like nervous system. This nervous system makes it possible to access all information of humanity everywhere and create a “super-organism” or “human-machine-collective-intelligence” as he describes it. That reminded me a bit of crowdsourcing, I think it is start of building this nervous system or maybe an even more active version of that.

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Why crowdsourcing?


Crowdsourcing is one of the important terms in the competitive business world of today. The increasing number of crowdsourcing platforms and their users prove that this type of collaboration is used by a considerable number of people nowadays. But whether crowdsourcing beats the power of the individual genius depends on the industry and its goals, I believe.

Although many people including designers tend to work individually, the positive effects of the crowd on one’s work cannot be ignored. Working with a relevant crowd can be an easy and effective way of getting ideas, information, feedback, and advice. Furthermore, crowdsourcing provides the possibility of getting work done by experts from different fields in a shorter period of time as opposed to getting all the work done by an individual. He/she may also lack the sufficient knowledge and skills required for the project.

On the other hand, the negative aspects of crowdsourcing should also be taken into consideration. For instance, the possibility of experiencing issues regarding the copyrighted material used for submissions, lack of direct supervision on the process, and time consumption while searching for the right expert or information are some of the disadvantages of this type of sourcing.

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